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n 1939, OKAYA ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. started with the development of vacuum tubes and radios, and has since expanded its businesses to encompass noise countermeasure products, surge countermeasure products, display and lighting products, including light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and sensor products for more than 70 years. These products are used in diverse fields ranging from industrial equipment to home electric appliances.

In Japan, the company has development bases in Nagano Prefecture and Saitama Prefecture and production plants in Saitama Prefecture, Iwate Prefecture, and Fukushima Prefecture. Overseas, it has production bases in Dongguan in China, and Sri Lanka, and three sales bases in China, and one each in Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States.

The environment surrounding electronic components manufacturers has been becoming increasingly uncertain since the beginning of this year.

OKAYA LANKA (PRIVATE) held a ceremony to celebrate its 10th founding anniversary in Dec. 2018

This month’s front cover was taken at OKAYA LANKA (PRIVATE), which held a ceremony to celebrate its 10th founding anniversary in Dec. 2018. At the ceremony, about 50 guests were invited from companies with close relationships with OKAYA LANKA (PRIVATE), and about 600 employees attended. Magnificent performance of traditional dances was a highlight at the ceremony, which ended with a feast of Sri Lankan curry.(Front row, from left) Takeshi Misuo, President, OKAYA LANKA (PRIVATE) LIMITED and Naoto Yamada, President, Representative Director, and Operating Officer, OKAYA ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.

“In the first half of 2018, orders for components for air conditioners and industrial equipment increased more than 10 percent over the previous year. However, starting August, orders from the industrial equipment field have lost steam. This is as usual for air conditioners. After the turn of the year when production in countries in Asia picks up, production volume of air conditioners with inverters increases, reflecting continued popularity of energy-saving models. However, the outlook of the industrial equipment field is uncertain,” notes OKAYA ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES.

The company has been working to further strengthen its domestic operations in an aim to become a company that continues winning regardless of these market trends.

The company goes all out to cultivate new customers and provide thorough services to existing customers. It has been promoting design-in activities by understanding where users are designing their products. As the company’s main customers are Japanese companies, from now on, it will focus its efforts on the cultivation of foreign companies to strengthen new customer development and step up marketing activities. It will strengthen its capabilities to analyze the market trends and lead them to concrete sales and product strategies. Overseas, the company will bolster its sales networks in growing markets, including Southeast Asian countries and India, while balancing acceptance of orders and production capability.

In Mar. 2017, OKAYA ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES started the production of chip surge absorbers at the new factory building completed on the premises of Saitama Technical Center. An automated production line, in which internet of things (IoT) is introduced, is operating in the factory. The company responded to the rapid shift of the demand from glass-tube surge absorbers, which the company was mainly producing, to surface-mounted ceramic package. With this factory as a model case, the company will promote the introduction of IoT in manufacturing in its future development of factories. In areas in which the glass-tube type has conventionally been used, including air conditioners, the demand for the surface-mounted type has been markedly increasing. In addition, the demand in the communications and industrial equipment fields has also been increasing. In particular, orders for chip surge absorbers for surveillance camera-related products have been becoming active, reflecting social moves to enhance security. In addition, the company also focuses efforts on the cultivation of demand in field of smart homes.

Overseas, OKAYA ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES has been shifting production from the Dongguan Plant in China to the Sri Lanka Plant. At the Dongguan Plant, the company is mass producing coils, centering on film capacitors for noise countermeasure, and now it plans to further expand the production scale at the Sri Lanka Plant (OKAYA LANKA (PRIVATE) LIMITED) in the future. In 2012, OKAYA LANKA(PRIVATE) received the Global Commerce Excellence Awards, which recognized 50 companies that greatly contributed to the economic development of Sri Lanka, which had been struggling with civil war until 2009. In addition, as a trailblazer among Japanese companies operating in Sri Lanka, OKAYA LANKA (PRIVATE) accepted Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) business mission for factory tour in 2013.