Electrical Drive Control Sits at Core of Yamaha’s Solutions Business

amaha Motor Co., Ltd. started a new medium-term management plan in FY2019, which is based on a long-term vision through 2030 and identifies the robotics business domain as one of the priority businesses. The Solution Business Operations headed by Hiroyuki Ota, Executive Officer and Chief General Manager of Solution Business Operations, oversees the Robotics Business Unit and the Smart Power Vehicle Business Unit. The Robotics Business Unit comprises the Surface Mount Technology Section, Factory Automation Section, and Unmanned System Section.

Reduces Burden on Labor
“The rationale behind robotics is the reduction of burden on human resources through the active use of internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), including the use of mounters and robots in a factory and the use of unmanned helicopters and drones in farming with electrical drive technology at the core. We would like to help people find their inherent possibilities by saving labor in various fields,” says Ota.

Robotics Business Unit, which mainly handles mounters, the core business of Solution Business Operations, promotes one-stop solutions.

Besides mounters, Yamaha Motor has entered the solder paste inspection machines and surface-mount devices (SMD) storage systems (component warehouses), in addition to printers, dispensers, and automated optical inspection systems, and has completed a full lineup by a single brand.

With industrial robots, the company enjoys high sales ratio in the Chinese market. It shows off its strength in Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm (SCARA) robots and in linear conveyor modules for conveyance application.

Yamaha Motor has also been making efforts in the industrial drone business. The company targets the global deployment of industrial drones, including drones for agrochemical spraying, and aims to cultivate new markets using drones, including inspections of various infrastructure, surveying, environmental countermeasures, disaster response, transportation, and fishing.

Photo 1: Hiroyuki Ota, Executive Officer, Chief General Manager of Solution Business Operations, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
Photo 1: Hiroyuki Ota, Executive Officer, Chief General Manager of Solution Business Operations, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
Photo 2: Yamaha Motor engages in the industrial-use drone business as well (RoboDEX 2019).
Photo 2: Yamaha Motor engages in the industrial-use drone business as well (RoboDEX 2019).
As part of its efforts, the company released in Mar. 2019 the YMR-08 industrial multi-rotor drone, which achieves continuous spraying of one hectare per flight and delivers spraying quality comparable to Yamaha Motor’s industrial-use unmanned helicopters.

Yamaha Motor started sales of an unmanned helicopter for agrochemical spraying in 1988. More than 2,700 unmanned helicopters made by the company are used in Japan. Based on its experience and know-how in pest control for over 30 years, the company has advanced the development of YMR-08 targeting contribution to labor saving and higher efficiency of agriculture in Japan.

Hopes on E Bicycle
The electric-power-assisted bicycles (E bicycles) business is also under the Solution Business Operations.

Ota says, “Our company led the industry in bringing E bicycles to the market. At the beginning, demand mainly came from people in the older age groups. Recently however, the age bracket has expanded. Japan, the United States, and countries in Europe are the main markets. For the future, we put high hopes on the European market.”

New Intelligent SMD Storage System YST15
YST15 is surface-mount device (SMD) storage system that can manage bulk loading and unloading of up to 33 reels directly from a package of 1,500 reels (maximum) as they are.

It prevents human error through automatic reading of ID at loading. It also supports parts on a tray and has humidity controlling function as standard feature. In addition, it can perform unified management of up to 99 units. Furthermore, with the IoT/M2M integration system “Intelligent Factory”, packaged parts to be supplied are automatically loaded at the most optimal timing. In addition, it is compatible with automatic parts conveyance using an automated guided vehicle (AGV) and collective replenishment using the Yamaha autoloading feeder, which can preset the next reel at any time during the operation. As a result, it reduces work burden and restraint time and prevents production interruption due to supply delay.

With the release of YST15, Yamaha Corporation has established the “1 STOP SOLUTION” line that unifies all of the main equipment of the mounting line, including the SMD storage system, solder printing machine, dispenser, solder printing inspection machine, mounter, optical appearance inspection machine, and others, under the Yamaha brand. As a result, advanced M2M linkage without a black box has been realized.

New Intelligent SMD Storage System YST15
New Premium Printer YSP10
YSP10 is a high-end solder cream printing machine that achieves one of the highest printing performance and full automation of setup change.

By reducing the board transfer time and optimizing the dynamic layout, the print cycle time including mask cleaning time has improved 20 percent compared to the previous machine, realizing the highest printing speed. The operation that requires the biggest man-hours in the printing process is a setup change. To address this, it is equipped with the conventional automatic program switching and print stability control (PSC) systems. In addition, it is also equipped with the newly developed automatic push-up pin exchange, automatic stencil replacement, and automatic solder transfer, thus realizing a fully automated setup-change operation.

Production efficiency has greatly improved with the increase in speed and savings in labor. The quality of mounted boards has significantly improved through the introduction of a system that does not require skills, preventing human errors.

In addition, the basic performance and capabilities have also improved, including the expansion of the size range of manageable boards and up to 80 percent reduction in the consumption of cleaning paper by employing a new cleaner head.

Multi-Purpose Automated Fabrication Machine - SmartFAB
3D High-Speed Solder Printing Inspection System YSi-SP
YSi-SP is a 3D solder printing inspection system based on the “One-Head Solution” concept in which various kinds of inspection with high precision and high speed become possible with one head.

It inspects the print conditions (volume, height, area, and misalignment) of solder cream and detects failures of solder printing before electronic parts being mounted. It enables high-accuracy inspection using a unique algorithm that combines 3D and 2D and a resolution switching based on a high-resolution technology. Therefore, it can perform inspection of solder printing under various conditions, with wide array of other options, such as adhesive coating inspection and foreign matter inspection.

In addition, the result of inspection can be fed back to the solder printing machine in real time to adjust the parameters in order to suppress printing failure. Furthermore, it enables automatic setup change and automatic conversion from the data of dispenser application to inspection. In this way, the M2M linkage can promptly improve efficiency and product quality.

It is also equipped with a Statistical Process Control (SPC) function capable of various statistical processing.

3D High-Speed Solder Printing Inspection System YSi-SP
High-End High-Efficiency Modular Z: LEX YSM20R
The latest model of the Z: LEX Series mounter has made head replacement unnecessary and has achieved compatibility between high speed and versatility at a high level, based on the ideal concept “One-Head Solution”.

In the advanced model TypePV, speeding up of the X and Y axes, improvement of the operation between adsorption and mounting, and strengthening of the rigidity of structural parts have been achieved. As a result, it has achieved mounting performance of 95,000cph (in optimum conditions, examined by Yamaha in Jan. 2018), which is the fastest in the two-beam and two-head class. In addition, it has improved the performance of a wide-scan camera capable of zero recognition loss and expanded recognizable size of components from 8 to 12mm, improving actual productivity. Furthermore, it is equipped with an autoloading feeder made through the company’s original technology, non-stop tray replacement ATS sATS30NS, and a nonstop feeder carriage exchange system. As a result, it becomes possible to drastically reduce man-hour and time loss and to construct lines that can deal with various forms of production with great efficiency.

The standard model TypeSV with mounting performance of 90,000cph (in optimum conditions) is also available.

High-End High-Efficiency Modular Z: LEX YSM20R