EVG, Panasonic Deliver Resist Processing Solution for Plasma Dicing
EVG’s resist processing system was installed in Panasonic’s Plasma Dicing Demonstration Center using its APX300 Dicer Module.

ustria-based EV Group (EVG) and Panasonic Smart Factory Solutions Co., Ltd. have teamed up to provide a novel resist processing solution for plasma dicing developed for emerging applications, such as sensors for internet of things (IoT), micro electro mechanical sensors (MEMS), radio frequency ID (RFID), CMOS image sensors, and thinned memories. The newly developed advanced solution incorporates the EVG100 Series of resist processing systems and Panasonic’s APX300 Dicer Module plasma dicer.

EVG 150 automated resist processing system
Photo 1: EVG 150 automated resist processing system
Plasma dicing enables highly parallel and high-throughput die singulation for small devices, such as sensors, MEMS and RFID chips. It also provides debris- and particle-free die singulation to enable high process yields for CMOS image sensors, as well as damage-free and high-quality chip sidewalls for thinned memories.

Plasma dicing brings new pre-process requirements, including the need for thick resist coating (several dozen microns in thickness) on the wafer’s surface prior to lithography or laser patterning processes to open up the dicing lanes. However, uniform protective coating of structures on the surface, such as multilayer interconnections and bumps, is critical with traditional spin-coating techniques.

Aims to Develop Quality Dicing Solutions
The EVG100 Series of resist processing systems with EVG’s proprietary OmniSpray technology enables conformal non-dependent to topography coating of surfaces and bumps across the wafer.

Panasonic has installed the EVG100 Series in its Plasma Dicing Demonstration Center in Kadoma City, Osaka, Japan to develop high-throughput and high-quality dicing solutions by leveraging its APX300 Dicer Module combined with the pre-processes of uniform resist coating on the bumps and subsequent patterning of dicing streets enabled by the EVG100 Series.

EVG and Panasonic will begin providing this novel resist coating solution to improve dicing quality and productivity through customer demonstrations in the Plasma Dicing Demonstration Center.

Panasonic Smart Factory Solutions’ APX300 Dicer Module
Photo 2: Panasonic Smart Factory Solutions’ APX300 Dicer Module