FUJI Co-Develops Platform for Robot System Integrators
The new e-Sys platform works by linking e-Sys Market and e-Sys Digital Twin, which is based on XVL Vmech Simulator by Lattice Semiconductor.

UJI Corporation pursues the joint development of e-Sys platform, which supports operations of robot system integrators, with Lattice Technology Co., Ltd., a vendor of 3D data solutions.

When introducing automated equipment using robots, a robot system integrator intervenes between the user installing equipment and an industrial robot maker. It then carries out holistic design of the automation equipment from the selection of robots, in accordance with the user’s requirements, to the design of peripheral equipment.

However, there are inefficient aspects involved in the design of automated equipment. Specifically, it is necessary to design peripheral equipment for robots for each user, however, returning it back for rework is possible due to misunderstanding of system specifications between the user and the robot SI.

e-Sys Mechanism

e-Sys solves these problems by linking e-Sys Market and e-Sys Digital Twin.

e-Sys Market constructed on the web provides module data (3D data with preset mechanisms and operations) of products necessary for the construction of automated equipment.

The robot system integrator selects the appropriate modules from the e-Sys Market in accordance with the user’s requirements.

Meanwhile, e-Sys Digital Twin imports the module data and immediately operates the robot and peripheral equipment on virtual space. The robot system integrator arranges and coordinates the module data and presents the structure and operation of the automated equipment on the virtual space to the user in three-dimensional (3D) graphics. Through this process, return work resulting from misunderstanding between the user and the SI can be eliminated.

System integrators can exhibit the peripheral equipment they have designed to e-Sys Market to prompt the re-use of their equipment designs.

e-Sys Digital Twin is based on eXtensible Virtual world description Language (XVL) Vmech Simulator provided by Lattice Technology, and employs the 3D XVL format, which features lightweight and high accuracy.

Schematic diagram of e-Sys platform
Schematic diagram of e-Sys platform
FUJI’s Robot Technologies

FUJI has applied its technology for mounting robots, which it has nurtured over the years in the production of electronic components mounters, to robot technology, including industrial robots. Thus far, the company has commercialized SmartWing multi-joint robot and has released it onto the market.

SmartWing provides an environment that allows anybody to easily carry out automation, and eliminates the need for teaching, allowing users to start using it easily. Achieving a slim arm structure, it can accommodate detailed operations. ALBERT Inc. has been applying artificial intelligence and deep learning technology to FUJI’s SmartWing multi-joint robot and co-developing an easy-to-use multi-joint robot that does not require teaching or programming.