FUJI Pitches Smart Factory, Brings Out New Product Concepts

n 2018, FUJI Corporation marked its 60th founding anniversary, and changed its name from FUJI Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to FUJI Corporation targeting further globalization.

Nobuyuki Soga, President and Chief Executive Officer, FUJI Corporation, says, “It was a good timing that we could celebrate our 60th founding anniversary and change the company name to FUJI last year when the global economy was going strong. With fresh resolve, we will push forward with technological innovations to bring products that lead the world to the market and provide pioneering services.”

Business Emerging from Nexim
FUJI focuses in promoting FUJI Smart Factory based on Nexim, the integrated production system. It is also focused on machine tool business centering on DLFn, which adopts the modular method, and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered SmartWing articulated robot.

Nobuyuki Soga
Nobuyuki Soga,
President and Chief Executive Officer,
FUJI Corporation
The company has introduced the Quist locker system for receiving of products ordered on the internet. It has also established THANK, a complex facility where English is being taught to elementary school children through various curriculums, including science.

Soga says, “The Smart Factory concept, which our company proposes, aims to realize innovative and ideal factories that meet customers’ needs. Nexim integrated production system, which makes use of internet of things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies to realize a smart factory, has already been adopted by many customers. We will continue listening to customers’ requirements carefully to improve our products and services, thereby solidifying trust of customers. We will also focus our efforts on new customers and markets.”

Dives Further into Semiconductor Market
FUJI has acquired Fasford Technology Co., Ltd. (FFT), a semiconductor manufacturing equipment maker, and is making efforts in the development of next-generation technologies and products for the semiconductor assembly and electronic components mounting processes.

Giving his perspectives on the semiconductor market, Soga says, “In recent years, the assembly process in semiconductor manufacturing and the electronic components mounting process have been becoming increasingly seamless at a rapid pace. The merger of technologies in these two fields will lead to stronger solutions for electronic components mounting and modularization technologies for electronic components, which are sought by customers.”