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NEPCON China | 2019
NEPCON China to Unveil Smart Manufacturing, IoT Ecosystem


n recent years, NEPCON China 2019 has made efforts to be recognized as a smart manufacturing show that is highly anticipated by electronic professionals. This year, it will open its doors to its visitors at the Shanghai World EXPO & Convention Center from April 24 to 26, aiming to bring in a new display area for electronic micro-assembly and System in Package (SiP) technology to lead the industry’s development.

NEPCON China 2019 upholds the concept of "New Ecology of IoT, New Forces of Smart Manufacturing" and focuses on popular industries, such as 5G, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, security, medical treatment, rail transit, new energy and automation. This year’s edition has been comprehensively upgraded from the previous year’s show to bring together new surface-mount technology (SMT) equipment, new electronic technologies, new electronic materials and new packaging solutions, showcasing popular applications to industry professionals and helping improve productivity.

The crowd at NEPCON China 2018

The crowd at NEPCON China 2018

Innovative Introduction of SiP Sealing, Packaging
In the future, with the continuous development of thinner, smaller, multi-functional and low-power consumer electronics, the requirements for space reduction, functional upgrading and low power consumption will become higher and the growth potential of SiP will become bigger. At NEPCON China 2019, the organizer will bring an “Innovative Display Area for Electronic Micro-assembly and SiP Process” where strong exhibitors will intensively display sealing and packaging equipment and materials. Guided by the concept of Packaging+SMT+Assembly, the exhibition creates a complete professional platform for electronic micro-assembly, printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, and finished product assembly, leading the development trend of the sealing and packaging industry, and disseminating advanced factory management concepts and industrial technology information.

5G Supports New Ecology of Smart Chemical Factories
As a new generation of mobile communication technology, 5G meets the demand of traditional manufacturing enterprises for wireless network applications during their transformation towards smart manufacturing as well as the demand for equipment interconnection and remote interaction applications in smart factories. In the future, with its gradual application, 5G will support the formation of a new ecology of smart chemical factories.

NEPCON’s concurrent exhibition “China Smart Factory and Automation Technology Exhibition” will gather a wide range of electronics manufacturing brands and showcase advanced technology and equipment of the complete smart manufacturing industry, including machine vision, IoT and big data, industrial software, industrial robots, system integration, intelligent warehousing, and logistics to build a one-stop purchasing platform for industry professionals. At present, confirmed exhibitors include NEWPWR, East Machinery, Hostar, Schunk, MooreElite, Robo-Technik, Pan’gu, SMD Automation, Ruichi Robot, and Teradyne.

Meanwhile, the two-day “Second China Digital Manufacturing Forum” will cover hot fields, such as industrial internet, machine vision applications, and industrial control software applications, promoting the future of smart manufacturing.

Intelligent Production – Dream Factory of Smart Manufacturing
In order to meet the increasing demand for automation transformation, the “Dream Factory of Smart Manufacturing”, launched by NEPCON and a number of well-known industry enterprises in 2018, was unveiled at NEPCON in April and August to demonstrate the intelligent production process and distribute to some visitors the U-disk souvenirs ordered by them. The same opportunity will be available this year. At NEPCON China 2019, the organizer will launch the 2.0 upgraded version of the “Dream Factory of Smart Manufacturing”. It will feature a complete electronics production process from real-time orders to components mounting, shell assembly and to automated testing, witness interconnected, and collaborative smart factory solutions.

China Innovation SMT Demo-Line
As another show highlight, NEPCON will demonstrate a number of intelligent production lines at the site. In addition to the “Dream Factory of Smart Manufacturing”, the show will feature the “China Innovation SMT Demo-Line”, composed of excellent SMT equipment manufacturers in China. Domestic high-performance SMT equipment will be presented, allowing visitors to experience the technological advancements of Chinese enterprises.