One-Head Mounter Meets Variable-Mix, Variable-Volume Production
The improved version of RS-IR features 12 percent higher mounting speed reaching 47,000cph, the fastest to date.

UKI Corporation has started offering on the global market an improved version of the RS-1R modular mounter, which requires no head replacement.

The company has further improved the functions of the RS-1 all-in-one mounter, which it has been offering since Jan. 2017. Its laser sensor has been brought closer to printed circuit boards to minimize the time required for the head to move from the suction of components to mounting, thereby improving mounting speed by 12 percent. Thus, RS-1R has achieved the fastest mounting speed of 47,000cph for a one-head mounter.

Mounter Features in Details
RS-1R inherits “Takumi head” with a recognition sensor, the height of which changes in accordance to the components. JUKI has added 3mm to previous heights of 1, 6, 12, 20, and 25mm, thus dividing variable height into six stages. This enables the mounter to change the height of the recognition sensor to the optimum height, thus dramatically improving effective tact time.

As an option, RS-1R can incorporate a newly developed nozzle radio frequency identification (RFID) tag recognition function. By reading the nozzles’ RFID tags using the RFID reader on the main body, it can recognize individual nozzles to be mounted.

By integrating system software, further quality improvements, including quality control of nozzles that directly affect mounting quality, smartification of maintenance management, and failure analysis, can be anticipated in the future.

An optional plate, which can house large nozzles up to 7×28mm, can be set in the mounter, allowing for more efficient mounting of large components and odd-formed components.

The RS-1R modular mounter
The RS-1R modular mounter requires no head replacement.
RS-1R provides enhanced productivity and operability as it is equipped with touch pen and software keyboard that enhance usability, as standard feature.

RS-1R enables flexible line construction, including a connected line consisting of multiple mounters that support various production needs, such as high-mix, low-volume production and variable-mix, variable-volume production; and a high-speed line through combination with the RX-7R high-speed compact modular mounter.

JUKI has been proposing JUKI Smart Solution, a total mounting solution that encompasses the pre- and post-processes, in addition to mounters that meet wide range of customers’ production needs, targeting improvement in productivity of the entire factory.