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Rexxam Strengthens Business Core, Adds EMS Capability

uilding up further its printed circuit board (PCB) inspection systems business, Rexxam Co., Ltd. has entered the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and semiconductor-related equipment businesses. For its EMS business, the company has built a production plant in Thailand that is set to open in May.

Rationalizing the establishment of the Thai plant, Hiroyuki Sumida, Vice President at Rexxam says, “Air conditioning equipment, centering on board assembly that is our company’s main domain, has been steadily growing. Temperature conditioning devices for semiconductor manufacturing equipment have also seen steady growth with sales in FY2018 expected to increase 5 percent over the previous year.”

On its EMS business, Sumida says, “Production requires various elements, including design, manufacturing technology, design change, component procurement, and quality control. We have noted higher orders for our EMS services equipped with these capabilities.”

Rexxam’s AOI system at NEPCON Japan 2019
Rexxam’s AOI system at NEPCON Japan 2019
Hiroyuki Sumida, Vice President of Rexxam Co., Ltd
Hiroyuki Sumida, Vice President of Rexxam Co., Ltd.
Strengthening Manufacturing Base
Aside from its manufacturing plants in Japan, the company has been operating plants in Shenzhen and Suzhou in China, and in Czech Republic. Responding to Japanese companies’ move to strengthen their operations in Southeast Asian countries, Rexxam newly established a production base in Thailand, and plans to commence operations in May.

Moreover, the company hopes to start its new energy-related business at a new production base with a total floor area of 86,000sq.m. in Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture in Japan.

Expanse of Businesses
Rexxam entered the PCB automated optical inspection (AOI) systems business on full scale in 2012, and has been making efforts to expand sales of the Sherlock Series. The company focuses its efforts on the sales of Sherlock-3D-1000S equipped with an originally developed ultrahigh-speed intelligent camera and features high-speed inspection twice as fast as its predecessor; Sherlock-300R, which specializes on the inspection of flow surface; and Sherlock-300IH, which is capable of simultaneous inspection of ultralarge components and surface-mount components. Rexxam showcased all-new-design models at NEPCON Japan held in Tokyo, Japan in January.

At the event, Rexxam also showcased a newly developed laser marking machine, which can engrave QR cords on surface-mount boards using a laser.

For its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) business of ophthalmic medical devices, the company also actively advances the development of new Rexxam models equipped with new functions.

Sumida says, “Although we are operating a diverse line of business, about 70 percent of our sales come from the electronics-related business. At the core of our electronics-related products are control, image recognition, and mechanical technologies. We intend to further expand the fields in which we can leverage our core technologies.”