Smart Factory Concept Takes Production up a Notch
FUJI Smart Factory

ith FUJI’s integrated production system – Nexim in place as the core system, the management area can be extended across entire production lines (horizontal integration), and this core system can also be connected to key user systems (vertical integration) for a factory, which can perform production autonomously purely based on data. In other words, a smart factory.

  • Automatic creation of production plans
    Creates production plans based on work order, which includes information such as product models, deadlines, and production volumes that consider which production models should be allocated to which line to implement the most efficient production considering changeover work as well.
  • Automatic part checkout
    Outputs required parts from automatic warehouses based on the production plan and production progress. The production line downtime, stagnation, and wasting of materials can be reduced by delivering the required volume when needed.
  • Visualization
    Monitors processes across the entire SMT line, including printing, placing, reflow, and inspection. The information related to production has been made visual so users can learn information fast and act quickly in response to production site issues. Furthermore, decreases in process capability can be foreseen by analyzing big data. Autonomous production can be achieved as countermeasure notifications are sent to people or to machines.
NXT III, the FUJI Scalable Placement Platform
To date, 60,000 NXT modules have been shipped. It has gained solid trust from supporting customers around the world as a continually evolving placement machine that has real modularity.

  • Real modularity
    Freely combine and rearrange units easily due to complete modularization.

    Make the optimum configuration that matches customers’ production needs and keep production going by performing offline maintenance through exchanging units.

  • High speed, high accuracy
    In the increasing pursuit for accuracy and speed, FUJI has achieved a high speed throughput up to 42,000cph* (Productivity priority mode) and a high accuracy of ±0.015mm* (heightened accuracy mode) for high density placements.
  • State-of-the-art placements
    High-accuracy placement of ±0.025mm at 35,000cph is possible even for the next generation of 0201mm (008004″) parts.
    PoP placement and die placement can be supported by loading a dip flux unit.
NXT III, the FUJI Scalable Placement Platform
NXT III, the FUJI Scalable Placement Platform
High Accuracy Solder Printing Machine – GPX-C
This is a cost-effective printer to achieve a higher level of quality than printers in the same price range.

  • Stable printing quality
    It achieves alignment accuracy of ±12µm and reduces variation in solder filling amount with FUJI’s original print pressure feedback control.
  • Large panel support
    It supports large panels up to 610mm. With a low-pressure clamping mechanism, low rigidity panels with a thickness 0.3mm can also clamped without deforming.
  • Cost performance
    It always ensures a stable amount of solder by using the automatic solder supply function. A unit for directly setting solder cups is also available, and the cost of maintenance and the operation time can be reduced by eliminating needless filling work.
High Accuracy Solder Printing Machine - GPX-C
Multi-Purpose Automated Fabrication Machine – SmartFAB
This is a machine that automates insertion of electronic components, which would usually be performed manually, for high productivity, high quality, and labor savings.

  • Value added production
    A wide variety of tools such as nozzles and chucks are equipped inside the machine as standard. Parts with various shapes can be supported by automatically exchanging these tools during production. By exchanging units designed based on the module concept, it is possible to load large odd-form parts to be inserted, solder using a selective soldering unit, and even assemble power modules, for actual value added production.
  • Support for a wide variety of parts
    A wide range of units are available. Many different supply types such as radial feeders, axial feeders, trays, sticks, and loose parts are supported. A wide range of part sizes can also be supported, from 1608 (0603″) to 190×190mm, with heights up to 110mm and weights up to 200g.
Multi-Purpose Automated Fabrication Machine - SmartFAB
Automated Warehouse – sTower II NEW
The three models of sTower II are suited to different installation locations and offer different storage capacities.

  • By checking out the required parts automatically based on work orders, the amount of work required for part picking and management is reduced.
  • The quantity of parts contained in stored reels is kept and the occurrence of unnecessary partial reels is reduced with thorough first-in first-out management.
  • It is possible to manage the temperature and humidity as an option.
  • These slim towers are designed to fit in seamlessly at the line side.
Automated Warehouse - sTower II