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Ultralight Laminate Radiator Fits EV Battery Modules
The new heat radiator from SDK Group is composed of a laminate film and can be manufactured in relatively lower temperature.

howa Denko K.K. (SDK) and its subsidiary Showa Denko Packaging Co., Ltd. (SPA) have jointly developed a next-generation laminate heat radiator designed for application to lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles (EVs).

In recent years, sales of EVs are rapidly increasing because of the rise in environmental awareness among car owners. Lithium ion batteries used in EVs have large capacity and generates much heat. Therefore, those batteries require efficient heat radiation. Nowadays, square-shaped lithium ion batteries for use in EVs are equipped with heat radiators composed of extruded aluminum parts and aluminum boards. In the manufacturing process of these radiators, aluminum parts are welded or brazed. These welding or brazing processes require temperature of 600°C or higher. On the other hand, the next-generation laminate heat radiator the companies developed this time uses a laminate film, which is composed of aluminum foil and resin films, as structural material. The heat sealing method to manufacture this next-generation radiator can connect laminate films under relatively low temperature of about 200°C. Moreover, combination of materials to compose these laminate films is easy to be customized. Laminate films can be used in various sizes and suitable for fine presswork. Therefore, this new radiator for lithium ion battery enables car manufacturers to have the highest-ever degree of freedom in designing and sizing of lithium ion-related modules and their surroundings.

The laminate film used as structural material of this new radiator is the result of the application of Showa Denko Group’s technologies to manufacture SPALF, which is aluminum laminate film manufactured and sold by SPA as a pouch-type packaging material for lithium ion batteries. SPALF’s performance in electrical insulation, plasticity, and resistance to corrosion is very high.

SDK and SPA cooperatively developed this next-generation heat radiator through the fusion of their heat-radiation technology, which is fostered by long-time operation of their aluminum radiator/heat-exchanger business and lamination technology, leading to the development of SPALF. SDK and SPA will accelerate development of this next-generation laminate heat radiator as a heat radiation component for EVs and electricity storage systems, and plan to ship samples of these radiators by the end of 2020.

Laminate heat radiator by SDK Group
Laminate heat radiator by SDK Group