Union Tool Posts Record Sales of PCB Drills
In FY2018, the company sold 347 million drills, 31 percent of which are high-value-added drills.

n its printed circuit board (PCB) drills business, Union Tool Co. has expanded the lineup of high-value-added products leveraging its coating technology. Brisk sales of these products have been driving the company’s business performance.

Hiroshi Odaira, President and Chief Operating Officer, Union Tool, says, “Demand for PCB drills has been expanding on the global market, particularly China. Against this backdrop, our company has focused on the sales of high-value-added products that feature our company’s original coating technology, which has contributed to improved business performance. Semiconductor packages with increasingly many layers, data centers, and PCBs have driven the demand for high-value-added drills.”

High-Value-Added Drills
As high-value-added drills, Union Tool has brought to the market ULF1 coated drills coated with an amorphous carbon film with properties close to those of diamond to ensure long life. It has also released double-edge flute drills, which are being positioned as second-generation drills.

The ULF1 coated drill’s coated surface features enhanced lubricating property (low friction coefficient), and hardness, and improves chip discharging efficiency. Hence, chips do not remain on the entry boards and on the substrates. They guarantee long life about five-fold that of drills without coating.

Continuous drills feature new shapes with good chip discharging characteristics, excellent breakage resistance, and holes with high position accuracy. By adjusting the drill’s twisting angle, it can meet various customers’ applications.

Record Sales
In FY2018, Union Tool posted record sales of 347 million drills. Of this total, high-value-added drills, which combine ULF1 coated drills and second-generation drills, accounted for 31.4 percent compared with 21.8 percent in the previous year.

Odaira says, “I expect that the market of PCB drills will continue to expand in China and Japan in the future, and that the demand for high-value-added drills will increase mainly in automotive, server, and semiconductor fields. Although we are making cautious forecast for the company-wide business performance for FY2019, we will actively infuse investments mainly in high-value-added drills.”

Hiroshi Odaira
Photo 1: Hiroshi Odaira, President and Chief Operating Officer, Union Tool Co.
ULF1 coated drills
Photo 2: ULF1 coated drills