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EverFocus Vehicle Information Systems Target U.S., Europe

s a comprehensive manufacturer of security equipment that makes use of cameras and digital video recording systems, EverFocus Electronics Corporation secures high market share in the United States as well as countries in Europe. With vehicle monitoring systems, the company has a track record of supplying mobile DVRs for trucks and buses. The company will focus on the creation of next-generation vehicle monitoring and management systems that go further ahead from the existing systems.

Tony Chang and Paul Lee
Tony Chang, Senior Manager, OBM Brand Business Division, Sales department III (left), and Paul Lee, Deputy Manager, OEM Brand Business Division, Marketing Dept. I.
Supports Intel, NVIDIA Platforms
Fleet management involves many critical elements for transportation business operators, including asset protection, reduction of opportunity loss, and the reduction of risks. EverFocus Electronics’ systems combine cameras and mobile DVRs providing solutions to challenges involving fleet management.

Installing full high-definition (HD) cameras and mobile DVRs that have been developed for on-board application has enabled diverse vehicle information management. By jointly developing a system with each transportation business operator, fleet management company, or system integration manufacturer, it is possible to construct a system that meets the needs of each company. The company’s systems have been adopted by truck and bus operators worldwide.

Next-generation computers for the artificial intelligence (AI) smart monitoring industry incorporate 7th generation Intel processor, and are designed to function as mobile network video recorders (NVRs), enabling vehicle monitoring through 4G remote monitoring. Installing a smart monitoring system in a vehicle provides monitoring function to prevent the theft of the vehicle itself and mounted devices, and enables the combination of real-time monitoring images of several vehicles and traffic and road information, thereby playing a major role to improve management function.

Furthermore, Intel AI core module enables the detection of human and vehicle action prediction. The smart monitoring system supports not only Intel platform but also NVIDIA platform, and project teams for respective platforms engage in the development. Tony Chang, Senior Manager, OBM Brand Business Division, Sales department III, says, “We have been creating new solutions in collaboration with Intel and NVIDIA, and we will develop systems that meet the needs of users around the globe.”