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ith the motto of “quality first,” Hirose Electric Co., Ltd., a leading connector manufacturer, has been honing its expertise in fundamental technologies to develop new products and value-added technologies that meet market needs. The company has also been building up its investments to strengthen its manufacturing capabilities. By field, the company targets strong growth in automobiles, industrial equipment, and consumer electronics.

On Oct. 18 and 19, Hirose Electric held the Hirose Technology Exhibition CONNECTION 2019, an exclusive event, at Tokyo Prince Hotel in Minato-ward, Tokyo. Highlighting various connectors, the company introduced leading-edge connection technologies and solutions, and a wide variety of high-performance and high-reliability products.

Hirose Technology Exhibition is held once in three years, and last year’s exhibition was its 14th edition. It carried the theme “Orchestrated Creative Power Flies into the Future,” showcasing new products and cutting-edge technologies under one roof. The two-day event drew a total of 4,130 visitors from Japan and abroad.

board members of Hirose Electric Co., Ltd
This month’s cover features executives and board members of Hirose Electric Co., Ltd. taken during the Hirose Technology Exhibition CONNECTION 2019 at the Tokyo Prince Hotel in Tokyo. From left, Hiroshi Fukumoto, Director and Group President-Administration; Yoshikazu Chiba, (Standing) Audit and Supervisory Board Member; Hiroshi Satoh, Director and Group President-Sales & Marketing; Kazunori Ishii, President and Representative Director; Mitsuo Nakamura, Managing Director and Group President-Engineering; and Hiroaki Okano, Director and Deputy Group President-Engineering.

The exhibition floor was divided into the working machine exhibition corner, by-market exhibition corner, production equipment module corner, quality assurance corner, and environment activity corner. In the working machine exhibition corner, examples of the company’s products adopted in various machines were showcased through many working machines.

In the by-market exhibition corner, leading-edge products and technologies were introduced by category, including information and communications and sensors, industrial equipment, consumer electronics, and automobiles.

The company introduced a wide range of consumer-related products, including small and low-profile connectors for internal connection of mobile terminals and latest interface connectors. These latest products included a 0.25mm-pitch ultralow-profile flexible printed circuit (FPC) connector with a height of 0.65mm, a 0.35mm-pitch, 0.7mm-height low-profile board-to-board connector with a positive lock structure, a small coaxial connector for fifth-generation (5G) terminals, and products under development. A transmission waveform of a Thunderbolt 3-compatible high-speed FPC was also shown in a demonstration. Disassembled smartphones were also on show to introduce samples of the company’s product adoption.

With automotive-related products, the company showcased connectors for roof antennas as coaxial connectors for on-board antennas. The company also introduced its lineup of connectors for autonomous driving and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). Sample transmission of an 18GHz coaxial connector was also demonstrated. The ZG05L2 Series, which was adopted in on-board batteries of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd. of China, was also displayed.

As industrial equipment-related products, the company exhibited the DF62/62W Series relay connectors suitable for wiring in narrow places of robot arms; an input-output (I/O) connector for articulated robots, which can reduce bending stress at the cable clamp section; a compact, high-speed and robust power supply and signal combined I/O connector with a lock; and an Ethernet connector for next-generation industrial equipment, ix Industrial.

Aside from the above, millimeter wave coaxial connectors, coaxial connectors for small base stations, connectors for data centers’ impregnation cooling systems, optical active connectors, and 12G-SDI-compable connectors for 4K/8K broadcast equipment were also on show.

In the production equipment module corner, a demonstration of one-touch production changeover using a module of production equipment for automotive connectors with different specifications was conducted.

The company also set up a corner presenting its history of over 82 years since founding.

Hirose Technology Exhibition was held in Osaka as well in November with the same concept.