Implementation of MID Mounting Shifts to High Gear
Mounter and solder manufacturers step up their efforts to actively promote MID mounting amid increasing applications.

olded interconnect devices (MID) mounting has begun to spread on full scale in various countries. In MID mounting, resin is molded into a three-dimensional (3D) object using an injection molding machine, and an electronic circuit pattern is printed on its surface using plating or other means. Then, electronic components and modules are mounted on the pattern and soldered.

Beginning of MID Mounting
MID mounting started in the 1980s in the United States. Now, the implementation of MID mounting has advanced, including MID mounting of electronic circuits on the handle grips of motorcycles in countries in Europe.
Examples of MID mounting (FUJI)
Examples of MID mounting (FUJI)
In Japan, Japan MID Association was established in 2002 with the aim of spreading MID mounting. The association has been working to promote MID mounting, including the creation of guidelines on the reliability of MID.
Current State of MID Mounting
Concerning the current state of MID mounting, KOKI Co., Ltd., a solder manufacturer, points out that the development of MID components has begun to gain momentum in Japan as well. The development of methods to form circuit patterns on 3D objects, to mount components, and to mount electrodes on curved resin materials, as well as studies of 3D-object materials, have been advancing. Inquiries on soldering of 3D objects have also been increasing, according to KOKI. In Japan, the method using dispenser is being employed by many companies.

Mounter and soldering equipment manufacturers have also been working on MID mounting.

FUJI Corporation offers the SmartFAB modular automated fabrication machine on the market. The SmartFAB modularizes parts supply, work transport, and assembly head units, and is capable of automatically assembling large components after surface mounting of printed circuit boards, as well as power modules and solar cells.

FUJI focuses attention on MID as it enables the mounting of components not only on planar surfaces, but also on curved surfaces, and has begun to pitch the SmartFAB.

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. offers the S20 compact modular mounter for 3D-MID mounting. S20 has achieved placement speed of 46,000cph under 12 heads + 2 theta optional condition.

Japan Unix Co., Ltd. has been advancing the application of soldering robots to MID mounting. Instead of moving the soldering robot in accordance with curved surfaces of MID components, MID components on the work are controlled so that they become flat with respect to the soldering surface, thus enabling the soldering of MID components without making the robot complex.

Although the pace of the spread of MID has been moderate, the development of applications has been advancing. Various applications, such as antennas of mobile devices and light-emitting diode mounting boards, are anticipated.