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Nippon Chemi-Con, Alps Alpine Co-Develop Capacitors for Car Audio
The aluminum electrolytic capacitors undergo through-hole reflow mounting, creating quality sound audio system.


ippon Chemi-Con Corporation, in cooperation with Alps Alpine Co., Ltd., has developed high-sound-quality aluminum electrolytic capacitors for next-generation automotive audio equipment. The companies have applied a new mounting technology by which the capacitors undergo reflow mounting while having through-hole pins (lead wires). These capacitors have been mounted on Alps Alpine’s first car navigation system, which has been installed in Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.’s vehicles.

D.R.A.S. Capacitors
The aluminum electrolytic capacitors developed with the aid of Alps Alpine were named “D.R.A.S.” as a technology for achieving both optimization to high-resolution sound sources and overwhelming capabilities for sound image representation. The “D” denotes “durable” or “durability”, meaning the capacitors withstand 30G vibration, offering high vibration resistance. The “R” denotes “reflow”, indicating that they employ a structure for a new mounting style. The “A” denotes “accurate”, expressing that they are designed to thoroughly suppress cross-modulation distortion and are optimized for high-resolution sound sources. The “S” means sound where excellent transient response performance is achieved thanks to sufficient electrostatic capacitance.
Nippon Chemicon Capacitor at CEATEC 2019
At CEATEC 2019, Nippon Chemi-Con promoted its technology for high-sound-quality aluminum electrolytic capacitors for car audio equipment.
Generally, conventional aluminum electrolytic capacitors are of lead type, SMD type, freestanding type, or screw terminal type. A major feature of the new capacitors is that they have both lead terminals and surface-mount-capable terminals so that they can be mounted by reflow. This increases the adherence between the capacitors and the circuit boards, helps offer high vibration and shock resistance, and improves electrical characteristics. The stability of electrical charge supply during sudden load variation at high volume levels has been improved more than 20 percent as compared with conventional products.

Moreover, the capacitors can reduce sound fluctuation and harmonic noise particularly in mid- and high-range by stabilizing electrical charges and lowering equivalent series inductance (ESL), thereby making it possible to achieve clear sound representation.

Nippon Chemi-Con plans to continuously market the high-sound-quality aluminum electrolytic capacitors, to which the company has applied the industry-leading through-hole reflow mounting technology, after their incorporation into Alps Alpine’s car navigation systems.