Taiwan Plastics Manufacturing Event Takes Spotlight

TaipeiPLAS will return in conjunction with ShoeTech Taipei at Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, September 27 – October 1. After a four-year absence, 300 exhibitors in about 1,300 booths will gather under one roof. Particularly, the event will showcase a spectrum of latest technologies in plastics, rubber, and shoe making manufacturing.

In the global press conference for the trade show, Simon Wang, President & CEO of Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) pointed out that Taiwan’s plastics, rubber, and shoe-making machinery industries offer extraordinary flexibility, customization, and efficiency. In addition, they take advantage of Taiwan’s prowess in ICT technologies. Because of that, Taiwan’s plastics, rubber, and shoe-making machinery industries have accelerated digital transformation and become active in the circular economy. Furthermore, TAITRA said the event will unfold a wide range of innovations for the applications in automotive, healthcare, aerospace, and consumer electronics sectors.

From left to right: Alan Wang, CEO of FCS Group; Larry Wei, Chairman of TAMI; GJ Lee Deputy Director General, Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA; Simon Wang, President & CEO of TAITRA; Bert M.H. Huang, Chairman of Victor Taichung; and Victor Chang, Vice Chairman of Chuan Chyi Machine.

Larry Wei, Chairman of Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI ) said the plastic and rubber machinery manufacturers in Taiwan recently have focused on the developments of all-electric machines and servomotors. In addition, they also give weight on multi-station linkage, recycling solutions for raw materials and energy, among others. Machines become more intelligent and efficient in energy saving. Thus, Taiwan players successfully stand strong in the challenging market.

Complete Supply Chain of Rubber, Plastics

Recently, various events have taken place that made rapid changes in international trade, including the Russian-Ukraine war, labor shortages, rising inflation and prices of raw materials, among others. Nevertheless, Taiwan’s plastics, rubber, and shoe-making machinery industries have demonstrated exceptional resilience and resistance to external challenges.

Alan Wang, CEO of FCS Group, Bert M.H. Huang, Chairman of Victor Taichung, and Victor Chang, Vice Chairman of Chuan Chyi Machine, all shared opinions, and experiences about adding value to the products and services. This is in the wake of such opportunities and challenges, while integrating the concept of circular economy into the corporate management.

In Taiwan, there’s a complete supply chain of plastic and rubber industry, from petrochemical suppliers in the upstream to processors at the downstream. Total exports of Taiwan plastics & rubber processing machines from January to August this year reached US$704 million, an increase by 7.71 percent year-on-year. Meanwhile, TAMI’s Wei said exports of Q4 2022 and Q1 2023 is likely to decrease a bit.

On the other hand, total exports of shoe-making machinery clinched US$70.9 million, up 18.9 percent compared with the same period last year. Taiwan ranked as the world’s 6th exporter of plastics and rubber machinery and world’s 2nd exporter of shoe-making machinery.

TaipeiPLAS 2022 will offer a full slate of online and offline events and services. This includes Sustainability Forum, On-site Guide for Online Visitors, PLASpotlight Live, and themed guided tours. In addition, it will also provide procurement meetings and a month-long online exhibition until October 27.