ABB Expands Condition Monitoring in New Alliance

ABB and Samotics have entered a strategic long-term partnership to provide enhanced condition monitoring services. Accordingly, the approach will leverage each company’s capabilities to deliver more insight into machine health and energy efficiency.

Firstly, ABB will integrate Samotics’ plug-and-play monitoring solution into its digital portfolio. Samotics is a provider of ESA technology and a high-growth scaleup company based in the Netherlands.  

Partnering with Samotics will extend ABB’s condition monitoring capability to equipment in extreme environments. (Photo Credit: Samotics)

Co-Develop Digital Services

Samotics’ technology is complementary to the well-established ABB Ability Condition Monitoring service for powertrains. This is a sensor-based solution that analyzes the health and performance of rotating equipment.

Moreover, Samotics’ SAM4 technology, based on electrical signature analysis (ESA), will expand ABB’s application of asset health monitoring of motor-driven industrial equipment. This is because it does not rely on mounting sensors in the field. Hence, the deployment of SAM4 is possible on machines in harsh and submerged environments.

Samotics hardware inside the motor control cabinet (Photo Credit: Samotics)

Adrian Guggisberg, President of ABB Motion Services said: “Our strategy is to build an ecosystem with leading service providers who can contribute to our customers’ overall success. With Samotics, we share the ambition to co-develop digital services that will offer even greater insight across a wider range of applications to help our customers taking better decisions. The partnership will also create even more value from digital service solutions to grow our annual recurring revenues.”

Optimize Maintenance, Reduce Downtime

Meanwhile, Jasper Hoogeweegen, CEO of Samotics said, “Entering into a strategic partnership with ABB will open doors with potential customers around the world and help us scale our business. At the same time, we share a mindset and commitment to help solve reliability and energy efficiency challenges.”

Ultimately, developing a system that uses both datasets will provide industrial operators with a more detailed view of asset health. Hence, they can make better decisions to optimize maintenance, boost reliability and reduce downtime.

Samotics has established SAM4 as a robust and scalable system. It is already being implemented across the wastewater and water, steel, and chemical sectors and has established a fast-growing base with thousands of assets monitored.

ABB plans to roll out Samotics technology to customers before the end of 2022 as part of its growing service portfolio for rotating equipment.