Yaskawa Offers Flexible Human-Collaborative Workcell for Robotic Welding

Designed for human-collaborative (HC) interaction, the highly flexible ArcWorld® HC from Yaskawa America Inc. is a complete robotic welding solution for the fabrication of small- to medium-size parts. It is ideal for replacing or supplementing manual weld processes, such as pre-assembly before welding in larger robotic workcells. Specifically, this pre-engineered mobile cart system is well-suited for high-mix, low-volume production.

ArcWorld HC robotic welding solution

This portable job shop with three-sided access comes complete with a 1,200 × 2,400mm perforated fixture table. It joins Yaskawa’s proven line of ArcWorld welding workcells. Specifically, it has a single human-collaborative HC10DTP robot, retractable arc curtain, and built-in exhaust hood. It employs a compatible Miller®, Lincoln Electric, SKS, OTC or Fronius power supply, a 14-guage metal tool board, tool balancer and debris tray. A 120 VAC 20-Amp electrical extension outlet and 120psi air connection are provided for common welding tools. Overhead LED lighting provides interior illumination. Meanwhile, solid wheels and leveling feet enable quick and easy installation or relocation. Also, wire spool and shield gas bottle holders are available as optional features.

The HC10DTP robot welds parts with efficiency and consistent high quality. It features Power and Force Limiting (PFL) technology for safe operation and hand-guided teaching for easy programming without a pendant. Also, it offers a 1,379mm maximum working range and a 10kg payload capacity and can process parts up to 500 H × 2,000 W × 800 D mm. Its IP67 rating enables welding without additional coverings or equipment. Fast air cut speeds (500mm/s) are easily achieved with arc curtain closed, or they can be maintained at collaborative speed (200mm/s) when the curtain is open. Risk assessment provides for assured, safe design.

The HC10DTP robot for welding is controlled by the high-performance YRC1000 controller. It utilizes a lightweight, standard teach pendant with intuitive programming. Yaskawa’s easy-to-use digital Universal Weldcom Interface (UWI) accesses the processes from the power supply, giving full control of welding parameters and settings from the robot programming pendant.