Wematter Expands Reach in New Supplier Agreements

Swedish 3D printer manufacturer Wematter enters a distribution agreement with the Dutch reseller 3D Supplier to establish a sales and service network for the Gravity SLS 3D printer in the Benelux region. At the same time, the company also entered agreement recently with Czech reseller 3D Manufaktura.

The partnerships are Wematter’s move to expand globalization efforts, offering the European market access to the Gravity 2023 SLS 3D printing system.

Large Build Volume, Affordable Price

Located in the Netherlands, 3D Supplier works mainly in the Benelux region including the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Their team has extensive experience in the additive manufacturing industry and has been operating as a reseller since 2007.

“We at 3D Supplier try to get the pearls of 3D printers in-house, and in addition to FDM and SLA, we now also have SLS in-house. And this pearl is Wematter”, says Malcolm Riesewijk, founder, and CEO at 3D Supplier.

In addition, Riesewijk said, “What makes the Wematter Gravity 3D printer unique is that it has a large build volume for an affordable price as well as their material range with the unique closed system where the powder is in cylinders so you can work without a mess and keep a clean working area. Wematter always tries to find a solution to make a Gravity 3D printer available for your company”.

Meanwhile, 3D Manufactura offers professional 3D printers for printing from thermoplastics and composites.

“With 3D Supplier, not far from our office by plane, selling and servicing the Gravity SLS 3D printing system, any company with a technical development team or a factory in the Benelux region can now buy a complete SLS 3D printing system. All innovative companies can now print ductile polymer parts and components. It is really nice that our long relationship finally bears fruit and that we can plant our first machine in this region”, says Robert Kniola, founder, and CEO at Wematter.