DuPont, JetCool Partner on Thermal Management for Electronics

DuPont and JetCool Technologies Inc. announced a collaboration to increase adoption of advanced liquid cooling technology. Mainly, this provides thermal management for semiconductors, data centers and other high-performance computing applications. Together, DuPont and JetCool will introduce a new sales channel that would bring JetCool’s advanced cooling solutions to semiconductor companies in Taiwan and Singapore.

The advanced liquid cooling technology implements thermal management in HPCs and data centers.

As the demand for faster computing increases, chips are getting more powerful – and hotter. Thus, without high-performance thermal management technology, hot spots on chips can lead to packages overheating and system failure. Today, the challenge is even greater as the electronics industry deploys artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing applications with increased processing power requirements. As a result, sustainable liquid cooling is becoming a key part of the data center and high-performance computing infrastructure.

Microconvective Liquid Cooling Technology

To address these growing needs in thermal management, JetCool has introduced microconvective liquid cooling® technology. Specifically, it reduces both capital and operational expenses, enhancing processing speeds, and sustainably enabling higher computing density. Also, this patented technology uses arrays of fluid jets directed at hot spots on the most powerful devices to optimize performance. Therefore, DuPont and JetCool will collaborate to increase access of this technology. Further, they will leverage DuPont’s global team and long-standing customer relationships in the semiconductor materials business.

DuPont’s Semiconductor Technologies business is a global manufacturer of materials for semiconductor fabrication, packaging and assembly. Specifically, it has more than 50 years of industry leadership and close relationships with advanced fabricators and integrators. Mainly, DuPont’s strategic proximity to customers positions the company to help advance adoption of liquid cooling in semiconductor packaging applications with complex thermal challenges, supporting broader industry initiatives to drive progress in sustainability.

“We are thrilled to join forces with DuPont in order to make our liquid cooling solutions more accessible to the market,” said Bernie Malouin, CEO of JetCool. “Working together allows us to bring advanced thermal management solutions to customers seeking to reduce power consumption and improve performance in their data centers, semiconductor applications and other high-power computing requirements.”

Shashi Gupta, global marketing director, Advanced Packaging Technologies, DuPont, said, “JetCool’s microconvective liquid cooling® technology is an exciting innovation for energy efficient, on-package thermal management with broad benefits. DuPont’s technical experts work closely with customers and advise them on material and process integrations for 2.5/3D package designs. We look forward to sharing JetCool’s technology with customers to enable sustainable thermal management solutions.”