Keysight's New Updates Enhance Automated Test Platform

Keysight Technologies, Inc. has released Eggplant Test 7.0, an enhanced version of the automated software test solution. Particularly, it comes with powerful integrations that enable quality assurance (QA) teams to test mobile apps on multiple devices and operating systems simultaneously.

Speeds up Validation, Test Automation

Mobile apps have become a ubiquitous part of modern digital life. Hence, facilitating everything from e-commerce and digital health to home security and business process management.

However, users are unlikely to find a valuable app if it is buggy or difficult to use. With the myriad of device and operating system combinations, testing mobile apps before their release is more important than ever. Thus, QA teams need automated tools to speed up the validation of app compatibility, functionality, and usability. At the same time, considering performance, and security across multiple device configurations.

Keysight’s Eggplant 7.0 features powerful integrations, enabling the testing of mobile apps on more than 7,500 operating system and device combinations simultaneously.

Keysight’s Eggplant Test 7.0 meets this challenge with integrations that can test more than 7,500 operating system and device combinations through Sauce Labs’ Real Device Cloud. The latest version of Eggplant Test offers QA teams advanced collaboration features, seamless integration with continuous integration tools, and the ability to connect with virtualized applications. These capabilities collectively enable automation, acceleration, and mitigation of risks inherent in manual testing to enhance the testing process.

New enhancements to the Eggplant Test platform include:

Instant test execution – Eliminates the need for costly device labs by enabling instant test execution on any device and operating system via Sauce Labs’ Real Device Cloud. Thus, ensuring comprehensive test coverage without the hassle of managing physical devices.

Lightning-fast results – Combines Eggplant Test and Sauce Labs’ Real Device Cloud to run test cases simultaneously reducing overall testing time and accelerating release cycles.

Version control integration – Integrates with Git to bring version control capabilities to the test automation process. For that reason, enabling teams to roll back to previous versions, compare changes, and collaborate seamlessly across multiple branches.

Continuous integration (CI) – Integrates with popular CI tools to incorporate test automation into CI/CD pipelines to identify. In addition, it can fix issues earlier, enabling higher-quality software and accelerating time-to-market.

Active Directory single sign-on (SSO) integration – Facilitates enterprise-scale testing by supporting test asset access and control through Active Directory SSO.

Enterprise-grade visual verification tools – Automates virtual machine testing through a new Citrix integration. Hence, leveraging the Intelligent Computer Vision feature to test secure Citrix applications.

Enhanced collaboration – Improves collaboration among QA teams by providing a unified platform for test automation that enables team members to seamlessly work together, share test assets, and collaborate in real time.

Gareth Smith, General Manager, Software Test Automation, Keysight, said: “Eggplant Test 7.0 empowers teams to conquer complexity by simultaneously testing mobile apps across over 7,500 operating system and device combinations. By harnessing the power of Sauce Labs’ Real Device Cloud, we eradicate the constraints of costly device labs, unleashing instant test execution.”