ABB Helps Power Automation Needs of Gotion High-Tech

ABB and Gotion High-Tech have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support the construction and development of large-scale lithium-ion battery factories. Particularly, the factories will serve the European and US electric vehicle (EV) markets.

The signing took place at Gotion High-Tech’s first battery manufacturing factory in Göttingen, Germany. Accordingly, ABB will collaborate with Gotion High-Tech to supply a master design plan combining automation, electrification, and digital technologies.

Gotion High-Tech, in which Volkswagen has a 26.5 percent stake, is set to open a $2 billion lithium battery plant in Illinois in United States. Moreover, it is also considering a factory in Morocco as part of its ambitious global efforts to grow availability and resilience of the EV market.

ABB will provide a master design plan combining automation, electrification and digital technologies for Gotion High-Tech. Image Gotion

A joint project team will complete a feasibility assessment to introduce ABB products and services into Gotion High-Tech. furthermore, to explore a research and development (R&D) collaboration and understand how battery cells, modules, and packs from Gotion High-Tech could be supplied to ABB and its affiliates.

Scale Up Automation, Digitalization Needs

ABB solutions, based on ABB’s Plant Optimization Methodology for battery manufacturing, would increase throughput with higher level of automation. Moreover, it will also propel optimization and emission control to Gotion High-Tech’s factories.

Battery manufacturing at scale is required globally to meet the rising demand for EVs. Image Adobe Stock

Meanwhile, ABB’s electrification would provide Gotion High-Tech with integrated, modular power distribution solutions that are standardized, scalable, and replicable. By using ABB’s digital solutions, Gotion High-Tech would ensure comprehensive connectivity and shop floor integration for optimized operations.

“Our partnership with ABB will lead to a position where we can contribute towards the significantly high demand of electric vehicles in Europe and the US,” said Li Zhen, Chairman of Gotion. “We’re confident that ABB’s approaches are proven to scale up operations quickly while ensuring safety and environmental responsibility are addressed at every stage.”

“This is a new milestone for ABB in battery manufacturing where we will be partnering with Gotion High-Tech for the development of their large-scale battery factories,” said Staffan Sodergard, Business Unit Manager, Battery Manufacturing, Process Industries, ABB. “As the demand for electric vehicles continues to grow, manufacturing of batteries en masse remains a top priority to ensure that there is availability and consistent supply within the global market.”

ABB will also explore the provision of a range of physical equipment, solutions and digital assets for adaptive machine and line automation, transportation and handling of materials. In addition, it will also tackle line management and server and client hardware to help control various material flows within the plant, as well as integration of third-party assets.

Furthermore, ABB would explore the potential use of Gotion High-Tech’s products for a wide range of industrial applications, including in marine, traction, microgrids, high, medium and low voltage, and renewables.