Asahi Kasei’s New Radar Technology Advances Safety

Millimeter-wave radar transceiver technology from Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) has recently unveiled its cutting-edge millimeter-wave radar transceiver technology. Specifically, the company announced the features and details of the product at the recent CES 2024 in Las Vegas, United States.

The AK581x, AKM’s new 60GHz mmWave radar transceiver IC, delivers accurate, high-resolution detection with `reliability. Thus, pairing it with Pontosense’s innovation software, it can suit a wide range of applications. For example, it can wirelessly detect children left behind in cars within seconds. This specific example exceeds current vehicle regulations and standards for child presence detection (CPD) globally.

Unprecedented Detection Sensitivity

At the recent CES, attendees were able to experience the AK581x’s capabilities firsthand. Particularly, AKM installed the product in a vehicle for a CPD demonstration.  The booth also featured the radar solution set up in a room to simulate monitoring for elder care.

These demonstrations highlight the ease with which this solution may be seamlessly integrated into various products and environments.

“Too many people are injured in situations where they are left unattended, whether it’s children accidentally being left in a hot vehicle or older adults suffering complications from falls; emerging technologies like these could make all the difference,” said Gregg Rouse, President of AKM Semiconductor, Inc., a subsidiary of AKM located in San Jose, CA.

In addition, Rouse said, “Our partnership with Pontosense has allowed for the creation of a new solution with unprecedented detection sensitivity that enables rapid emergency response in situations where time is of the essence.”

Innovative Features

AKM’s AK581x transceiver features a multi-channel architecture with four receivers and four transmitters. In addition, it supports a frequency modulation range up to 7GHz (57–64 GHz).

This implementation allows for 50cm isolation performance and a high range resolution as fine as 2.2cm.

Leveraging these features enables the simultaneous detection of multiple persons’ respiratory rates and positions. When combined with Pontosense’s innovative artificial intelligence- and machine learning-driven software, the AK581x delivers a solution that offers the flexibility of different levels of resolution and fields of view, all without the need for cameras and microphones.

“We’re not just showcasing a product; we’re demonstrating a shift in how our lifestyles can be enhanced by new technologies,” added Rouse. “This evolution in our radar transceiver technology is about understanding human needs in an increasingly automated world, promoting safety and independence for the elderly, and providing peace of mind for parents.”