Toyoda Gosei Boosts Capacity in New Investment

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. will invest US$59.9M to increase production capacity at two of its American subsidiaries, TG Missouri Corporation (TGMO) and TG Kentucky, LLC (TGKY). Accordingly, the company aims to keep up with growing sales of interior and exterior automotive parts in the key North American market.

Sophisticated Production Technologies

In the future, Toyoda Gosei expects automakers to introduce more diverse lineups of vehicle types. Particularly, battery electric vehicles and others. With a view to this evolution in automobiles, Toyoda Gosei will establish a network that can provide products with a wide range of variations. These include many different types of large painted products that are front and rear components of automobiles.

Production network for interior/exterior parts in North America (Graphic: Business Wire)

For that reason, the company is enlarging plant buildings and installing large, energy-efficient electric molding machines. In addition, highly efficient painting booths.

Moreover, it also incorporates the latest production technology, such as product assembly and transport automation, and IoT systems. Particularly, to centrally manage production processes and optimizing production layouts.

North America is a key market in Toyoda Gosei’s medium- to long-term business strategy (2030 Business Plan). Going forward, the company will expand its development and production network to flexibly and rapidly meet customer needs in this essential market.

Outline of TGMO and TGKY

NameTG Missouri CorporationTG Kentucky, LLC
EstablishedApril 1986November 1997
CapitalUSD 30 millionUSD 54 million
ShareholdersToyoda Gosei North America Corporation* 80% Mitsui & Co., Ltd. 20%Toyoda Gosei North America Corporation 100%
PlantsPerryville Plant (HQ)Indiana Plant
LocationPerryville, MissouriNew Albany, IndianaLebanon, Kentucky
ProductsInteriors and exteriors Safety systemsInteriors and exteriorsInteriors and exteriors Functional components
Land areaApprox. 995,000 m2Approx. 102,000 m2Approx. 327,000 m2
Building areaApprox. 120,000 m2 After expansion → Approx. 123,000 m2Approx. 26,000 m2Approx. 58,000 m2 After expansion → Approx. 66,000 m2
Employees1,715 (as of December 31, 2023)379 (as of December 31, 2023)1,057 (as of December 31, 2023)
Main new equipment and machineryMolding machines, assembly equipment, collaborative robots, automated guided vehicles (AGVs)Molding machines, assembly equipmentMolding machines, painting equipment, collaborative robots, automated guided vehicles (AGVs)
Start of operationsPlanned for December 2025 (in new building additions)
New investment amountUSD 21 millionUSD 38.9 million
* Toyoda Gosei Group headquarters for the Americas