Kyocera Seeks Efficiency in Latest Operational Changes

Kyocera Corporation has announced changes in its manufacturing operations starting April 1. Particularly, the changes involved its operations in Tokyo Chigase facility and its two facilities in Japan’s Shiga prefecture.

Moreover, the company made alignments of its manufacturing operations in these areas in a bid to enhance operational efficiencies.

Bats for Operational Efficiencies

In Tokyo, the company has moved the manufacturing operations of its optical components business from the Tokyo Chigase Facility in Ome to the Tokyo Hamura Facility in Hamura-shi both in Tokyo. Accordingly, the decision aims to enhance operational efficiency in production. Kyocera has closed the Tokyo Chigase facility immediately after the completion of the consolidation.

The Tokyo Hamura Facility develops and produces components for various industries. Specifically, it makes optical components for industrial machinery, automotive applications, and medical devices for lenses. Furthermore, it employs about 130 employees.

Earlier, Kyocera also announced the integration of its current Shiga Yohkaichi Plant in Hebimizo-cho and its Shiga Gamo Plant in Higashiomi, both in Shiga. The company now calls the combined facility Shiga Higashiomi Plant. The integrated facilities manufacture fine ceramic components and semiconductor components. In addition, it also produces electronic components, industrial tools, and medical products.

Accordingly, Kyocera implemented the integration of these two Shiga facilities in a bid to enhance operational efficiency. The integrated plants began operations on April 1.

The total combined area of the two sites is approximately 442,000sq.m. Moreover, the two facilities employ approximately 3,400 employees.  

-2 April 2024-