Toray Poises for China’s IC Growth with Advanced Solutions

Toray Engineering Co., Ltd. manufactures flip chip bonders and laser micro trimming systems used for semiconductor package mounting. This way, it supports the advancement of semiconductors and displays.

Toray’s booth at SEMICON China 2024

At this year’s SEMICON China, the company introduced the following systems: (1) INSPECTRA Series of optical semiconductor wafer visual inspection systems; (2) NGR electron beam semiconductor wafer pattern inspection system; and (3) FC3000W Series flip chip bonder. All these systems focus on the Chinese market. Additionally, the company displayed Toray’s photoresists and photosensitive materials and Toray Precision’s ultra-precision microfabrication technologies. With this expanse, the exhibits highlighted the comprehensive capabilities of the Toray Group.

“The Chinese market will continue to see strong investment momentum, partly due to the trend toward domestic semiconductor production. Particularly, we expect demand for power devices to grow further in response to the electrification of automobiles and the construction of bullet trains,” said Gang Dong, Chairman & CEO, Toray Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Gang Dong, Chairman & CEO, Toray Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Full Wafer Automated Inspection

Particularly, the INSPECTRA Series, which was the main exhibit at this year’s show, realizes high-speed, high-precision, full-wafer automated inspection from front-end to back-end processes. Demand for this inspection system is growing in the power device field, such as SiC and IGBT, as well as for RF devices such as SAW filters.

Additionally, NGR uses wide-field electron microscope images to achieve highly sensitive inspection of pattern defects and 2D multi-point measurement of pattern dimensions. Thereby, it contributes to yield improvement in the manufacture of cutting-edge semiconductor devices.

In addition to the semiconductor field, THK also provides equipment for displays and lithium-ion batteries. As a result, it contributes to business expansion in the Chinese market. “Demand for battery coaters and equipment for semiconductors is strong,” said Gang Dong, Chairman & CEO, and the company will strengthen its efforts in this important field in China.

This is an English translation of an original Japanese article published in Dempa Shimbun Daily.

-23 April 2024-