THK to Bolster Presence in China, Eyes New Facilities

THK Co., Ltd. has been reinforcing its production bases globally and has recently built new factory buildings at its two plants in China, particularly in THK MANUFACTURING OF CHINA (CHANGZHOU) CO., LTD. (THK CHANGZOU) in Jiangsu province, and THK MANUFACTURING OF CHINA (LIAONING) CO., LTD. (THK LIAONING) in Dalian in Liaoning province.

With the start of the full-scale production of its linear motion guides at THK MANUFACTURING OF VIETNAM (THK Vietnam) following the addition of a new factory building recently, the company eyes to start the operation of another plant, THK India, later this year. THK has been increasing its production capacities by promoting automation and installation of robots.

A rendering of the second phase of construction at THK MANUFACTURING OF CHINA (CHANGZHOU)

Wave of Investments

China quickly recovered from the impacts of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and has already resumed normal manufacturing activities. In addition, orders for products for the Chinese domestic market have been steadily increasing. Investments in plants and equipment, including those for machine tools, general machinery, and electronics-related machines, have been increasing.  Recently, investments in plants and equipment relating to lithium-ion rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) have also been increasing. 

A rendering of the third phase of construction at THK MANUFACTURING OF CHINA (LIAONING)

THK CHANGZHOU is manufacturing actuators and unit products. The new factory building to be built in the second phase of construction will have a floor area of about 15,000sq.m.  In addition to production of actuators and unit products, it will manufacture and supply production equipment to plants in China to maximize the company’s productivity.  Construction is slated for completion in March 2022.

THK LIAONING, meanwhile, will augment the production of linear motion products, including LM guides.  By expanding its production capacity for main products, it will put in place a stable supply system over time.  In the third phase of construction, THK plans to build a new factory building with a floor area of about 25,000sq.m, and estimates total construction costs of about 150 million yuan.  Completion is slated for January 2023.