Murata Eyes New 200mm Line in France

Murata is expanding its Silicon Capacitor manufacturing by creating a new 200-mm mass production line in Caen, France. Accordingly, Murata will start to prepare the expansion from this April, and will create more than 100 new jobs in 2023–2025. Demanding applications such as implantable medical systems, telecommunication infrastructures, and mobile phones use Murata’s silicon capacitors produced in the factory.

The new line will be based on 200 mm wafers, focusing on the PICS latest technology, which has dramatically higher performance on electrical characteristic. These products will primarily target the mobile handset market with very high performances and capacitance values in super small sizes with thickness as low as 40 µm. 

Significant Growth Advancement

“Murata Silicon Capacitor technology is getting more and more traction, and has significantly grown outside demanding niche markets. Mobile phone architectures, as well as new electrical car systems, require lower and lower parasitic capabilities and very high performances in frequency and temperature. These new applications also have challenging requirements in terms of space and volume”, Franck MURRAY says, Managing Director at Murata Integrated Passive Solutions in Caen. “This investment made by Murata group in our local factory, supported also by French and European Authorities, is a significant advancement in our growth, and another proof that our technology is delivering more and more value for our customers.”

Murata’s new building for this new production line already exists. Thus, new equipment will be integrated in the coming weeks and months. A recruitment program has also started, with a plan to welcome more than 100 new employees during the next three years.