Photoneo Releases New 3D Scanning Software

Photoneo has announced the release of its new 3D scanning software. The PhoXi Control 1.10 brings new features and user experience improvements. Specifically, PhoXi Control now contains a driver for Cognex VisionPro 9.8. This means that all Photoneo 3D sensors can now be used directly in Cognex VisionPro. Consequently. it allows users to do measurements, inspection, object localization, identification, alignment, and other vision tasks directly on Photoneo’s high-quality 3D data.

PhoXi Control is a computer application that acts as a driver for the Photoneo scanning devices. Mainly, it provides both a graphical user interface and API for easy orientation between PhoXi Control and Firmware versions.

Also, the combination of the company’s state-of-the-art 3D sensors and powerful Cognex software creates a unique synergy. This synergy aims to leverage users’ vision projects and improve the integration experience.

Other Features

Additionally, PhoXi Control 1.10 offers support to Ubuntu 22. Also, the new software includes newly redesigned marker patterns containing x and y axis with regularly spaced ticks. They can be used for the verification of correct printing of the pattern. Further, it offers an improved user experience thanks to new visualizations of the calibration volume in the 3D Viewer, simpler editing of settings, and more.