DuPont Solution Improves E-Motor Efficiency

DuPont Interconnect Solutions, part of the Electronics & Industrial business segment announced that a leading provider of mobility system solutions has adopted its technology. Particularly, the mobility solutions company will integrate DuPont™ Kapton® MT+ based NKN (Nomex®/Kapton®/Nomex®) slot liners into 800V e-motors for a high-end electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer.

This design win represents the successful implementation of the NKN slot-liner solution, thanks to the high thermal conductivity of the Kapton® MT+ polyimide film and electrical insulation from Nomex® paper.

Improved Reliability, Efficiency

DuPont collaborated with an e-motor developer and a leading electrical insulation system provider to develop a slot-liner solution. In essence, slot liners protect the copper wires in the e-motor from the outer steel wall, dissipating heat to the outside. Thus, enabling the motor to operate efficiently at a cooler temperature.

In addition, the NKN laminate sandwiches Kapton® MT+ film between two layers of DuPont Nomex® paper for electrical insulation, making it ideally suited for this application.

“With global demand for EVs continuing to accelerate, e-motors must run as safely as possible with the highest energy efficiency,” said Greg Randisi, Automotive Global Marketing & Business Development Leader with DuPont Interconnect Solutions. “This collaborative solution signals a significant win for our Kapton® MT+ based high thermal conductivity NKN slot liners that we plan to make available to other EV OEMs as companies build out their more advanced e-motor offerings.”

Failure in the field is not an option. Just as designers of high-speed traction motors and other high-performing motors have trusted in DuPont solutions for decades. For that reason, EV design engineers can rely on the Kapton® MT+ based NKN slot liner solution to prevent failures in critical eMotor systems. The DuPont™ Kapton® MT+ based slot liners can be proliferated to other EV OEMs as part of motor providers’ e-motor/powertrain offerings. This as their high thermal performance enables OEMs to make more compact, better-performing e-motors with superior heat dissipation.

Additionally, Kapton® MT+ provides superior voltage endurance, enabling longer life of e-motors at high voltages, 800V+. DuPont offers a variety of thicknesses of Kapton® MT+ film that can effectively dissipate heat in larger e-motors such as those used in trucks and novel aircraft.