Innodisk Propels Automated Inspection in Manufacturing

Innodisk is working with NVIDIA and Aetina to bring the latest AI-powered industrial digitalization and automated inspection into its factories for advanced electronics manufacturing.
Innodisk, a global AIoT solution provider, has been deeply engaged in the embedded and industrial market for years. Particularly, it accompanies the industry’s transformation from IoT to IIoT and AIoT. Thus, assisting customers in integrating AI and IoT technologies into their applications.

Aside from fulfilling customers’ increasing demand for AI, Innodisk is also proactively planning to integrate AI intelligence into its manufacturing center. This strategic move aims to enhance the overall efficiency of its manufacturing workflow in its upcoming new factory.

Improving AOI Technology

Aetina, a subsidiary of Innodisk, holds a prominent position as a leading-edge AI solution provider and maintains a strong collaboration with NVIDIA. Thus, leveraging the power of the NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories platform. In combination with Aetina’s GPU-powered SuperEdge AI Training Platforms, presents an ideal synergy that enables Innodisk to develop, deploy, and manage tailored AI-enabled solutions. These enhance throughput, production quality, and cost savings within its innovative factory automation workflow.

Furthermore, the approach enables Innodisk to achieve superior quality and production efficiency in its AIoT solutions while seamlessly integrating hardware and software technologies.
Modern manufacturing sites widely use AOI technology. However, the traditional approach of AOI, relying on optical analysis for object detection, can sometimes lead to misjudgments. This, in turn, increases the time and labor costs associated with manual re-inspection. Nevertheless, in today’s era of rapid AI development, there is a strong potential for significant improvements in these outcomes.

Next Wave of Industrial Automation

NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories is a collection of factory automation AI workflows that enable industrial solution providers and manufacturers to develop and deploy. In addition, it enables to manage customized quality-control solutions that save cost and improve production throughput.

NVIDIA Metropolis integrates tightly with the NVIDIA Omniverse platform and can be used for AI training to build physically accurate digital twins and simulations. Particularly, to aid in the creation of massive, synthetically generated training datasets.

As one of the world’s prominent industrial manufacturers with extensive experience in AIoT solutions, Innodisk is to collaborate with NVIDIA on factory digitalization and automation. Innodisk is deploying both platforms, from NVIDIA and Aetina, for vision AI to enhance the steps of factory workflows. Moreover, it provides an efficient re-inspection process within production line AOI systems to automate the inspection and optimize the operation.

Innodisk expects that after adopting this solution into its new factory, it will allow Innodisk to introduce the next wave of industrial automation and bring additional value to Innodisk’s customers and partners across a wide range of industries. With such a collaboration among Innodisk, NVIDIA, and Aetina, Innodisk is looking forward to more collaborations and is confident that AI-enabled businesses will flourish in different ways very soon.