FARobot AMRs Get First Safety Seal in Taiwan

FARobot announced that its SMR® autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) have received Taiwan’s first EN ISO 3691-4:2020 certification from TÜV Rheinland. Specifically, the models are the 250kg and 1000kg payload SMR250® and SMR1000®. Foxconn and ADLINK Technology Inc. are the parent companies of this Taipei-based industrial robotics solutions company.

The certified safety performance, rigidly validated, empowers factories to proactively embrace human-robot collaboration amid the automation trend. Accordingly, SMR®’s safety control systems are certified to meet the required performance levels (PLr) for risk minimization. Also, they ensure timely measures to protect the safety of personnel, equipment, and materials from unexpected and uncontrolled situations. Specifically, these factors may arise in chaotic environments with fragmented processes and unregulated personnel movement.

FARobot’s SMR® autonomous mobile robots have received Taiwan’s first EN ISO 3691-4:2020 certification from TÜV Rheinland.

Additionally, the SMR® Series also obtained the SEMI S17-0319 certification from TÜV Rheinland. Specifically, this ensures safe operating conditions for automated material handling in the semiconductor and FPD industries.

“Intelligent automation is an inevitable trend. Safe collaboration is of utmost importance in industrial automation, particularly for AMRs navigating complex dynamic environments. We are delighted to collaborate with FARobot and issue the first EN ISO 3691-4 certification for AMRs. This certification is an assurance that their automated material handling equipment used in smart manufacturing processes complies with international safety and reliability standards. Furthermore, it enhances Taiwan robotics brand’s competence in the global supply chain,” Jennifer Wang, Managing Director of TÜV Rheinland Taiwan.

“As a representative of the Made-In-Taiwan robotics brand, we are thrilled to lead the way in obtaining one of the most renowned safety certifications issued by TÜV Rheinland and contributing to a secure global smart manufacturing supply chain. We are grateful for the unwavering support from our parent companies, Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) and ADLINK, which paved our journey of research, development, manufacturing, and market validation. They enabled FARobot to achieve commercialization and key certifications in just three years. Moving forward, we will continue to enhance human-robot collaboration safety through integrating innovative software and hardware,” Ryan Chen, General Manager of FARobot.

The FARobot® SMR® Series boasts patented hardware designs prioritizing robustness and safety, leveraging Foxconn’s extensive industrial manufacturing expertise. The decentralized SWARM CORE® platform powered by ADLINK’s DDS-based robot-to-robot communication technology manages SMR®. It facilitates seamless fleet collaboration across different brands and equipment. Obtaining the EN ISO 3691-4:2020 certification is a milestone in affirming FARobot’s readiness to advance global-scale procurement and tender projects with its comprehensive capabilities in regulatory compliance, technological innovation, and proven experience.