Taiyo Nippon to Produce Gallium Oxide Epi-Wafers in New Investment

Taiyo Nippon Sanso, a Japanese industrial gas company of Nippon Sanso Holdings Group, has decided to invest in Novel Crystal Technology, Inc. Novel Crystal Technology develops, manufactures, and sells gallium oxide wafers. Specifically, these materials are gaining attention as next-generation power semiconductor materials. The company also develops power devices.

The investment aims to create synergy between the two companies. They aim to promptly meet the needs of the expanding power semiconductor market. To this end, they will accelerate the development of mass production gallium oxide epi growth system* to produce gallium oxide epi-wafers.

Gallium oxide epi growth system

Gallium Oxide Power Semiconductor

Power semiconductors are electronic components incorporated into various electrical equipment. Among them include servers, home appliances, trains, and production facilities. Specifically, they control voltage and currents and reduce power consumption. As electric vehicles and renewable energy continue to spread, there will be higher demand for power semiconductors.

Moreover, power semiconductors made of gallium oxide will have higher power output and efficiency than those made of other materials, such as gallium nitride and silicon carbide. Additionally, they further reduce power loss in power electronic devices such as home appliances, electric vehicles, and railway vehicles. They also limit power loss in industrial equipment, photovoltaic power generation, and wind power generation.

Through this investment, TNSC intends to accelerate the development process of mass production gallium oxide epi growth system. Accordingly, it aims to produce gallium oxide epi-wafers by enhancing its collaboration with Novel Crystal Technology.

*Gallium oxide epi growth system: equipment for depositing high-quality gallium oxide crystals on gallium oxide substrates