Nikon Completes Squeeze-Out of Nikon SLM Solutions

Nikon Corporation successfully completed the squeeze-out of the minority shareholders of Nikon SLM Solutions Group AG (formerly SLM Solutions Group AG) on Sept. 1. SLM is a global leader in metal additive manufacturing solutions headquartered in Lübeck, Germany. As a result, SLM became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nikon.

Concurrently, the merger of SLM into Nikon AM. AG, the majority shareholder of SLM and direct subsidiary of Nikon, was registered on the same day. Accordingly, it changed the company’s name and continued SLM’s operations as Nikon SLM Solutions AG.

In Jan. 2023, Nikon acquired SLM through a public takeover offer. As a consequence of the merger, SLM ceased to exist. Meanwhile, Nikon SLM Solutions became the universal legal successor of SLM. In addition, SLM’s shares will delist automatically from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with immediate effect.

SLM’s outstanding capabilities in metal 3D printer manufacturing will be combined with Nikon’s deep expertise in cutting-edge opto-electronics and precision technologies. Also, in tandem with Nikon’s other assets in this field, Nikon and Nikon SLM Solutions will revolutionize global mass production of integrated metal additive manufacturing solutions.