Schneider Boosts AI Grip, Integrates Hailo Processors

Schneider Electric has sealed a technology collaboration with Hailo Technologies, a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) chipmaker. Particularly, Schneider Electric will integrate Hailo’s advanced processors into its solutions. 

AI offers significant benefits in enhancing the performance, efficiency, and capabilities of industrial automation systems. Thus, allowing industries across all segments to better position themselves for the future.  

By integrating the Hailo-8 AI processor within its industrial automation solutions, Schneider Electric will unlock new intelligence at the edge and drive innovation for its customers. Moreover, it will make significant and immediate improvements across several common manufacturing tasks.  

  • Pick and place: achieving object detection tasks six times faster than central processing units (CPUs); 
  • Quality control: running classification processes 20 times faster than a CPU; and
  • Yield optimization: improving output and throughput, reducing waste by 15% on average 

Schneider Electric has integrated Hailo Technologies processors for greater AI capabilities and increased intelligence of automation solutions.

Powerful AI-Based Solutions

Hailo Technologies is leading the AI chip industry for edge devices, with technology enabling new computing possibilities for sectors like automotive, security, retail, and manufacturing. Furthermore, its Hailo-8 processor is an efficient and compact AI processor with low power consumption. Thus, enabling real-time, high-accuracy data analysis at the edge. 

“We are always looking to partner with companies that can help us deliver the most cutting-edge solution available on the market,” said Aurelien LeSant, Senior Vice President of Innovation & Technology and Chief Technology Officer, Industrial Automation at Schneider Electric.

In addition, LeSant said the Hailo collaboration reinforces Schneider’s commitment to innovation and next-generation technology. Thus, creating an important step in delivering intelligent, energy-efficient solutions that will shape the future of industries.

Meanwhile, Eyal Barnea, VP of Business Development at Hailo Technologies, said, “Our technology will empower its customers to create new powerful, cost-efficient, and smart AI-based solutions quickly and easily.”  

Recently, Schneider Electric demonstrated the collaboration with Hailo Technologies at the Smart Production Solutions (SPS) event in Nuremberg, Germany, on November 14 – 16. At booth 540 in Hall 1, visitors saw how it delivers a solution that combines multi-carrier machine applications, robotics, and AI to pick a chip from a circuit board quickly and efficiently.