Panasonic Industry Opens New Relay Test Labs

At its European headquarters in Ottobrunn and in Pfaffenhofen in Germany, Panasonic Industry has invested in two state-of-the-art technical laboratories. Primarily, the new laboratories will conduct rigorous tests and analysis for its broad portfolio of relays and a wide field of the company’s other electromechanical products.

Moreover, the lab equipment comprises high-voltage, stress, and long-term testing stations, high-speed camera analysis devices, leakage testers, temperature simulators, a fully equipped prototyping workshop, and much more. If indicated, customers can book a visit to the labs and get support from Panasonic Industry’s technical relay experts. Especially, if they have special requests and requirements beyond standard applications or have other questions, e.g. about particularly harsh operating conditions for their designs.

In Depth Analysis, Investigation

Although Panasonic Industry’s standard relay datasheets cover more than 80% of all applications, the paper can only cover a certain range of values and parameters. Mostly, they refer to worst-case scenarios. For example, in terms of temperature conditions.

However, if a relay isn’t functioning as expected in a customer design, Panasonic Industry’s technical experts at the labs can investigate the cause. Their in-depth application analysis goes beyond testing the relay itself. Thus, providing valuable insights into any reasons for failure and helping customers resolve any design issues effectively.

Moreover, Bernd Prössner, Head of Relay Engineering at Panasonic Industry, said, “For example, if customers are unsure whether the chosen relay can withstand high inrush currents. (Also, if they) are having concerns about the potential impact of slightly higher operating temperatures in the long run or are encountering a field failure without understanding the underlying cause, our technical experts are equipped with all necessary test devices to investigate the issues in more detail. In addition, to find individual and reliable solutions for our customers.”