Maxell Pitches Latest Cylindrical All-Solid-State Battery

Maxell, Ltd. is developing the PSB23280 200mAh cylindrical all-solid-state battery. It offers 25 times the capacity of a ceramic-packaged all-solid-state battery, like the PSB401010H model, which uses a sulfide-based solid electrolyte and has been in mass production since June 2023. Mainly, PSB23280’s large capacity is due to a newly developed cylindrical exterior body with high sealability*1, while retaining long-term reliability*2 and heat resistance equivalent to those of existing products*3.

The company is planning to ship samples of PSB23280 beginning late January 2024.

Sample of 200mAh cylindrical all-solid-state battery (PSB23280)

Maxell has been developing and commercializing batteries in line with market needs. Among them are the surface-mountable ceramic-packaged all-solid-state batteries and specialized high voltage, high output bipolar all-solid-state batteries. Moreover, the company supplies these samples at present. Maxell’s all-solid-state batteries are evaluated to contribute socially based on their wide temperature range and long-term reliability characteristics.

Recently, there has been an increase in the need for larger-capacity all-solid-state batteries that can also be applied to main power applications. These include sensing applications, like infrastructure monitoring. Therefore, the new cylindrical all-solid-state battery under development is a response to such a requirement.

Mainly, the company achieved large capacity of this cylindrical all-solid-state battery by comprehensively reviewing its electrode structure and exterior body. Specifically for the electrode structure, it applied a process that enables filling to a higher density to increase the size of the electrode. For the exterior body, the shape was changed from cubic to cylindrical. Moreover, it developed a new cylindrical exterior body that can maintain sealability equivalent to that of a ceramic-packaged all-solid-state battery. Large capacity is thereby realized while maintaining the various characteristics of Maxell’s existing all-solid-state batteries, such as long life and heat resistance.

The further application and development of this electrode structure and exterior body technology will help develop all-solid-state battery products compatible with various market needs.

Features of the PSB23280 cylindrical all-solid-state battery

1. 25 times the capacity (200mAh) of PSB401010H ceramic packaged all-solid-state batteries;

2. Wide temperature range (-50°C to +125°C);

3. Size customization is possible according to market needs.

Therefore, to solve various social issues, Maxell is developing reliable, high-performance all-solid-state batteries suitable in areas where existing batteries cannot be used. To achieve this, the company focuses on the following long lifetime, high temperature resistance, high output, and large capacity.

Generally, Maxell will continuously enhance its range of all-solid-state batteries. Also, it will consider module products that combine technologies such as wireless power supply and energy harvesting in addition to all-solid-state batteries.

*1 High sealability: In a helium leak test, a level of 10-11 (Pa∙m³/sec) was achieved. The sealability of a general coin battery is 10-8 Pa∙m³/sec. Refer to JIS Z 2330.

*2 Long-term reliability: Maxell’s life prediction result based on various evaluations and analyses.

*3 Existing products: PSB401010H ceramic packaged all-solid-state battery. PSB401515H is not considered for comparison as it is under development.