JAE Pitches Compact Connectors for Automotive Use

Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd.  (JAE) has released the MX81 Series of non-waterproof compact connectors. They suit connection requirements of in-vehicle electronic devices, such as ECUs and sensors. This series employs the same socket terminals as the existing MX80 Series of waterproof connectors. Therefore, it allows the usage of the same terminals and crimp tools for a broad range of waterproof and non-waterproof areas of the vehicle.

MX81 Series of non-waterproof compact connectors

Due to the increase in user experience features, the spread of ADAS, and electrification, the number of ECUs and electronic devices mounted in the interiors of vehicles is increasing. This is driving the need for more compact devices and connectors to fit in the limited space. At the same time, the use in automotive applications requires these connectors to have high contact reliability and robustness to ensure safe and long-term use.

Considering this situation, JAE has developed the MX81 Series of connectors. They use standard automotive terminal designs (with terminal tab size of 0.64mm and contact pitch of 2.54mm). However, they are more compact at approximately 60% of the size of existing JAE products.

Specifically, this product has been evaluated for automotive applications according to the USCAR-2* standard. Also, it has been confirmed to have high contact reliability and robustness. The socket connector has a simple one-piece design with a hinged retainer that allows detection of half-inserted terminals. There is also a clear audible click to help confirm complete mating. These functions prevent incomplete assembly and contribute to improving customer workability. It suits various ECUs, sensors, lighting, and other in-vehicle applications.

JAE plans to continue expanding the MX81 and MX80 Series by increasing the number of pin count options. The company will add cable in-line connectors, and other variations to meet the diverse needs of its customers.