ST, Li Auto Seals New Partnership for SiC Supply

STMicroelectronics has signed a long-term silicon carbide (SiC) supply agreement with Li Auto, a leader in China’s new energy vehicle market. Particularly, Li Auto designs, develops, manufactures, and sells smart premium electric vehicles.

Accordingly, STMicroelectronics (ST) will provide Li Auto with SiC MOSFET devices to support Li Auto’s strategy around high-voltage battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

As the automotive industry transforms towards electrification and decarbonization, high-voltage BEVs have become a popular choice for car makers. In fact, these vehicles offer outstanding energy efficiency and extended mileage. Li Auto, known for its extended-range electric vehicles (EREVs), is entering the BEV market with its high-tech flagship family MPV BEV model. With plans to introduce more high-voltage BEV models soon, Li Auto will require high volumes of SiC MOSFETs that it will integrate into its traction inverters to ensure superior electric-vehicle performance.

Industry-Leading Process Stability

ST’s SiC devices increase performance and efficiency through higher switching frequencies, breakdown voltages, and thermal resistance. Moreover, these are all particularly critical characteristics at the higher operating voltages required for battery electric vehicles.

Li Auto is adopting ST’s advanced third-generation 1200V SiC MOSFET in the traction inverter of its upcoming 800V BEV platform. Thus, ensuring industry-leading process stability and performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Qingpeng MENG, Vice President of Supply Chain, Li Auto said Li Auto offers is steadfast commitment to providing families with premium EVs exceeding their expectation. In addition, Meng said, “This agreement with ST stands as a testament to Li Auto’s unwavering dedication in BEV product development. Collaborating with the renowned global leader in SiC technologies, we anticipate a forthcoming relationship filled with innovation and success.”

 Holding more than 50% market share in SiC MOSFETs worldwide, ST’s SiC technology has earned high praise from top OEMs for its electric-vehicle performance. Particularly, they cover widely onboard chargers and power modules.

Meanwhile, Henry CAO, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, China Region, STMicroelectronics, said, “As a world leader in power devices and wide bandgap semiconductor technologies, ST has established long-term supply agreements with major car makers and Tier 1 suppliers. The SiC supply agreement with Li Auto marks a significant step building upon our existing long-term relationship in other automotive applications.”

Furthermore, Cao said ST will support Li Auto’s ambition to become a top premium electric vehicle brand in China. Particularly, offering their customers superior vehicle performance and range with our innovative SiC technologies.