Mitsubishi, ThinkIQ Eye Digital Manufacturing Growth

ThinkIQ, a pioneer of digital manufacturing transformation solutions, has announced an investment by Mitsubishi Corporation. Particularly, the collaboration agreement aims to jointly accelerate the growth of ThinkIQ’s digital manufacturing platform in Japan.

Mitsubishi Corporation is partnering with ThinkIQ to accelerate digital transformation with smart manufacturing solutions. Specifically, for the many industrial supply chains in its ecosystem.

ThinkIQ has built its open platform by working closely with U.S. and European governments’ smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 initiatives. At the same time, with global standards bodies.  The investment is a further testament to ThinkIQ’s technology and will drive expansion by leveraging Mitsubishi’s global presence.

Doug Lawson, CEO of ThinkIQ, said, “Our platform addresses a growing market need to operate and manage complex manufacturing supply chains more efficiently. With our strategic relationship and Mitsubishi’s investment, we will expand our market reach and accelerate our efforts to provide end-to-end supply chain visibility.”

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Yoshiyuki Watanabe, Division COO of Mitsubishi Corporation said the company has been driving thought leadership for a digital transformation strategy in the manufacturing sector. Moreover, he said they have been investing in research and diligence to find the right partner to drive the adoption of these strategies.

In addition, Watanabe said, “We expect ThinkIQ’s solutions to have a major impact on manufacturers to help improve yield, quality, safety, and compliance while dramatically reducing waste and environmental impact.”

Furthermore, Watanabe said ThinkIQ’s open, innovative platform and leadership in digital transformation for the manufacturing industry have prompted them to pursue investment and partnership.

ThinkIQ provides unprecedented visibility to the manufacturing shop floor across each tier of complex supply chains. The SaaS platform securely connects to the physical world of legacy and smart equipment, IoT sensors, OT, and IT systems to bring all relevant data into a single analytics platform. Thus, bringing context, meaning, and discoverability for all participants in supply chain and manufacturing operations.

Furthermore, ThinkIQ Vision brings vision-processing software combined with powerful pre-packaged Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities. These can turn standard cameras on the shop floor into sensors that eliminate blind spots across equipment, and materials. For that reason, enhances the available data for Continuous Intelligence.