ST’s New Module Simplifies Long-Range IoT Connectivity

STMicroelectronics has revealed a long-range, low-power IoT SiP programmable module built with dual-core STM32WL55JC wireless system-on-chip (SoC). Thus, enabling savings in costs and time to market for remote metering, monitoring, and smart-sensing devices. Moreover, it promotes simple, immediate, and effective LPWAN wireless connectivity.

STMicroelectronics‘ STM32WL5MOC SiP comes in a LGA92 10 x 10mm package and combines the SoC with frequency-controlled oscillators. In addition, it comes with an IC containing balun, filter, and matching network, a receive/transmit switch, and associated passives needed for system operation.

Bringing these components together in the module enables users to accelerate RF design, save space, and simplify circuit-layout challenges. Thus, saving the time and cost of otherwise complex RF design investments with experienced teams or certifications.

Eases Long-Range Connectivity

This miniature SiP module enables data communication over an exceptionally long range while using very little power. For that reason, this allows system-battery lifetime greater than 10 years.

Operating in the 864MHz to 928MHz band, permitting license-free use in regions worldwide, the STM32WL5MOC comes pre-certified for connection to LoRaWAN and Sigfox networks.

In addition, the open wireless subsystem supports multiple modulation schemes, including (G)FSK, (G)MSK, BPSK, on top to LoRa® modulation. It is also compatible with standard and proprietary protocols such as wM-Bus, Wi-Sun, Mioty, and others.

Additionally, the RF output power is selectable up to 22dBm, as permitted in US and Asian territories, or 15dBm according to European regulations.

Leveraging the STM32WL55 SoC dual-core architecture with 256KB Flash and 64KB RAM on-chip, the module assures real-time performance of the user application. The SoC’s Arm® Cortex®-M4 core with DSP extensions and Cortex-M0+ both implement memory protection for enhanced security.

The Cortex-M0+ has additional secure services including key management, secure firmware install and update, and secure sub-GHz MAC layer. An option with onboard STSAFE-A110 is also available to further strengthen end-to-end data and networking security.

 The STM32WL5MOC comes fully integrated in the STM32 development ecosystem and supported within the STM32CubeMX tool for project initialization and software development.

Meanwhile, the B-WL5M-SUBG1 wireless prototyping board is also available and contains an STM32WL5MOC module to facilitate evaluation and software integration. The USB-powered board is ready to use out of the box and is supplied with an antenna fitted.