Allxon, NVIDIA Partner on Gen AI for Industrial Edge

Allxon has announced a collaborative effort with NVIDIA to help manage fleets of NVIDIA Jetson Orin-powered industrial edge solutions. Accordingly, this combines the fleet management platform with NVIDIA Metropolis Microservices for Jetson. That is, a modern microservices-based app stack and streamlined developer workflow.

As one of the preferred third-party partners for NVIDIA, Allxon has taken early steps in integrating the NVIDIA Video Storage Toolkit into its Allxon Plugin Station. Thus, driving the edge AI industry to greater heights, Allxon’s Fleet Provisioning ensures the efficient deployment of thousands of edge AI devices. Meanwhile, its BSP OTA Updates facilitate seamless software stack updates within Metropolis Microservices for Jetson, including the upcoming NVIDIA JetPack 6 releases.

Allxon, a preferred third-party fleet management partner for NVIDIA, collaborates to deploy Generative AI at the Industrial Edge.

Brings AI to Edge

Allxon’s In-Band and Out-Of-Band remote device management services give NVIDIA Jetson developers a powerful fleet management platform. Most importantly, it runs seamlessly with Metropolis Microservices out of the box. Thus, saving significant development time and cutting costs.

NVIDIA Metropolis Microservices for Jetson helps developers modernize their app stack. Moreover, it also streamlines development and deployment. Furthermore, it also future-proofs their apps with the ability to bring the latest Gen AI capabilities to any customer through simple API calls.

Its application microservices include video storage and management, pre-built Vision AI inference pipelines, system monitoring, and cloud connectivity. Its platform microservices include system monitoring, IoT gateways, and cloud connectivity services to help with solution maintenance. Finally, its powerful reference workflows help developers get started immediately.

“We believe strongly in the value and problem-solving capabilities of bringing AI to the edge,” said Alex Liu, CEO of Allxon. “We are excited to work with NVIDIA to integrate our platform with Metropolis Microservices for Jetson to accelerate the pace of bringing powerful new applications to market and drive edge AI adoption.”

Fleet Management with Metropolis Microservices: A Powerful Combination

Combining Allxon’s remote edge management with Metropolis Microservices for Jetson will help developers for the first time bring truly enterprise-class, cloud-native solutions to market faster. The powerful SaaS integration accelerates the provisioning and deployment of remote NVIDIA Jetson edge AI system-on-modules at scale by using Allxon Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Solutions and BSP OTA Updates, all simply managed through a single unified Allxon Portal.