ST's New Op Amps Deliver High-Accuracy Sensing

STMicroelectronics’ high-accuracy TSZ151 operational amplifiers have very low offset voltage with minimal temperature drift. Thus, bringing enhanced accuracy and stability to circuits for sensor interfacing, signal conditioning, and current measurement.

An extremely low input offset voltage (Vio) is the defining parameter of a high-accuracy operational amplifier (op amp). Nonetheless, the TSZ151 has Vio less than 7µV at 25°C. Moreover, the value remains stable, below 10µV, over the full specified temperature range, from -40°C to 125°C. Its high stability minimizes reliance on periodic recalibration, enhancing the availability of the end product throughout its lifetime.

Typical applications include power supplies for industrial, server and telecom-infrastructure applications, and automotive signal conditioning and power conversion

With gain-bandwidth of 1.6MHz and drawing just 210μA at 5V, the TSZ151 sits between ST’s 400kHz TSZ121 and 3MHz TSZ181. For that reason, designers have more choice and flexibility to optimize speed and power consumption. The TSZ151 combines its excellent speed-to-power ratio with ultra-low maximum input bias current of 300pA.

Suits Industrial, Telecom Fields

Meanwhile, having a minimum operating voltage of 1.8V, the TSZ151 can be powered from the same rail as other ICs in the system. This includes a low-voltage microcontroller. The rail-to-rail input and output help maximize dynamic range. Furthermore, the op amp also has very low power consumption, drawing just 210μA at 5V, while the low supply-voltage capability permits extended runtime with a discharged battery.

Leveraging its wide operating temperature range, from -40°C to +125°C, designers can use the TSZ151 in equipment to be deployed in harsh environments and applications with long mission profiles. Typically, uses include feedback circuitry in power supplies for industrial, server, and telecom infrastructure applications, and automotive high-accuracy signal conditioning and power conversion. The TSZ151 conforms to AEC-Q100 qualified and to ST’s rolling 10-year longevity plan that guarantees long-term product support. 

The TSZ151 is in mass production now and available in a choice of tiny SC70-5 and SOT23-5 packages.

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