Yaskawa Launches Latest YRM Controller for i³-Mechatronics

Since 2017, Yaskawa Electric Corporation has been promoting a new solution concept called i³-Mechatronics. In this new concept, digital data management is added to existing automation solutions. Mainly, this aims to realize a new industrial automation revolution, as outlined in its long-term business plan VISION 2025. Also, the company launched a new controller solution, iCube Control.

As a first step, it developed and started sales of the YRM controller YRM1010. Specifically, it enables integrated control of cells composed of equipment and industrial robots, while simultaneously collecting and utilizing highly synchronous data in real time for feedback. This is a further improvement in the performance and functionality of the YRM-X (ten) controller (YRM1000), the first YRM controller released in 2021.

YRM Controller YRM1010

Aim in Commercializing YRM1010

Various manufacturing sites are making efforts to advance smart factories by improving production efficiency and quality, as well as ensuring traceability using internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). Fundamental to these activities is the understanding of the operating status by digital data of production facilities. To improve the production efficiency of facilities, it is necessary to collect integrated and time-series data from various equipment that comprise a cell. Next is to feed the results back to the production facilities based on such highly accurate data.

Yaskawa developed the YRM controller, which enables integrated cell control and time-series data collection. By linking with YASKAWA Cockpit (YCP), a data capture tool that collects and analyzes data at once, it is possible to feed the results of real-time analysis back to the motion of cells. This allows the entire control of cells based on data.

With YRM1010, it will further promote the realization of i³-Mechatronics. Also, it will strengthen its ability to solve problems and provide added value to its customers.

Key Features of YRM1010

・Data collecting in a cell

It defines a cell, and integrates and collects data of equipment and industrial robots in the cell. Then, it automatically stores it in YCP at the same time.

・Feedback data analyzed by YCP to control

The results of YCP data analysis are fed back to the YRM controller. It will be reflected to improve the moving ratio of cells and the product quality.

・Autonomous distribution based on data in cells

New “bulletin board” functions to centrally manage data in cells. The YRM1010 provides not only sequential control, but also control in which equipment and industrial robots autonomously make judgements based on the “bulletin board” and change them into motion. It contributes to the realization of variable production.

・Performance / functionality

1) Improvement of processing performance – it features approximately 1.5 times higher processing performance than YRM1000.

2) Enhanced communications – MECHATROLINK, which is switchable between MECHATROLINK-4 and III, allows connection of up to 128 stations. Also, it supports Ethernet/IP (1 Gbps) and can connect up to 64 stations.

3) SLIO I/O series support -By directly attaching the various types of SLIO I/Os to the YRM1010, various systems can be set up. Additionally, distribution of SLIO I/O is possible as remote I/O by using bus couplers for various networks such as MECHATROLINK-4.

Product positioning