AT&S Opens New Campus in Malaysia for IC Substrates

AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is proud to announce the launching of its campus at Kulim Hi-Tech Park (KHTP) in the state of Kedah. The Opening Ceremony took place in the new Administration Building at the site to celebrate the completion of the key production plant on campus. Mainly, AT&S Malaysia will start delivering high-end IC substrates for AMD’s data center processors towards the end of this year.

Particularly, the new campus in Kulim, about 350km north of the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, was completed in record time. In fact, it completed the new AT&S Campus in just over two years. “This huge success was made possible by our workers and employees in Kulim. This is your day and also a historic day for AT&S that is worthy of a celebration. I take great pride in bearing witness to the achievement of this great milestone. Thank you,” commented AT&S CEO Andreas Gerstenmayer in his speech at the Opening Ceremony.

“The quick progress was facilitated by close collaboration with Malaysian representatives and authorities on the national, regional and local level. The authorities in Malaysia, especially MIDA and the management of the Kulim High-Tech Park (KHTP), and Advantage Austria from the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber supported us a lot,” he continued.

Also, the facilities in Kulim were built to the highest standards of quality and sustainability. It has state-of-the-art machinery, recycling systems and a green energy concept. “With the opening ceremony of AT&S’s impressive production site, economic cooperation between Austria and Malaysia reached a historic high point,” said the Austrian Ambassador to Malaysia and Brunei, Andreas Launer.

“I am confident that the company’s strong presence in Malaysia will give important impetus to our bilateral relations. Also, it will create many new opportunities to work closer together in other fields. Among them are higher education, vocational training or the development of new technologies. I hope that this investment will also put Austria in the spotlight of Malaysian companies as a great business location and tech partner in the heart of Europe.”

Advanced Microchips

Specifically, Malaysia is fast becoming an international hub for the electronics and semiconductor industry, thanks to its excellent infrastructure and talent pool. “Our strategic decision in 2021 to choose Malaysia for our first facility in Southeast Asia was absolutely correct. So far, we invested just over EUR 1 billion in our AT&S Campus in the Kulim High-Tech Park. We benefit from the excellent conditions here and Kedah as the technology hotspot in this region,” said AT&S Board Member and Executive Vice President for BU Microelectronics, Ingolf Schroeder.

“With the AT&S investment in Malaysia, we are creating thousands of high-tech jobs in the region, until end of this year to almost 2500. This will help to set up the framework for future growth in Malaysia,” says AT&S Board Member and Executive Vice President for BU Microelectronics, Ingolf Schroeder.

The AT&S Campus is a masterpiece of a successful technology company. However, the technology market has been challenging in recent months. Analysts expect the recovery of the technology sector to resume in the middle of this year.

Specifically, in Plant 1, AT&S will produce technology for the global semiconductor company AMD. Meanwhile, Plant 2 is wind and water tight. So, as soon as the market environment for one of its main customers has improved, it will bring the second plant online.

Mainly, AT&S Malaysia will produce cutting-edge IC Substrates, These are an integral part of high-performance data processors for computers, data centers, and AI infrastructure. “AT&S has proven to be a very capable additional source of high-quality IC Substrates for high-performance AMD data center processors, strengthening our global supply chain. We look forward to leveraging the leading-edge technologies manufactured in this new plant,” remarked Scott Aylor, Corporate Vice President for Global Operations Manufacturing Strategy at AMD.

Moreover, serial production in Kulim will commence later this year.