Nokia's New Suite Simplifies Man-Machine Interaction

Nokia has announced the launch of MX Workmate, a suite of operational technology (OT)-compliant tools. Thus, making it easier for industrial workers to interact with industrial machines.

MX Workmate leverages Generative AI (GenAI) and large language module (LLM) technologies. Particularly, in generating contextual, human-like language content based on real-time OT data. For that reason, workers can easily understand complex machines and get real-time status information and industries. Because of this, they can achieve greater flexibility, productivity, and sustainability, as well as improve worker safety.

Addresses Factory Labor Shortages

Organizations worldwide already face a skilled labor shortage. A survey by global organizational consulting firm Korn Ferry, predicts a deficit of 85 million skilled tech workers globally by 2030. This means totaling US$8.5 trillion of potential lost revenue. The effective use of AI tools can alleviate some of the HR crunch while boosting current employee capabilities.

MX Workmate solution enables connected workers to get contextually relevant real-time information and query OT-systems in a secure and reliable way using natural language (Image Credit: Nokia Website)

However, current GenAI LLM solutions are not compliant with stringent OT requirements, including reliability, availability, security and data sovereignty.

Nokia MX Workmate addresses this challenge by adapting GenAI LLM technology to OT environments. Particularly, by onboarding all enablers to the Nokia OT-compliant on-premise edge compute solution MX Industrial Edge (MXIE). Moreover, it integrates innovations such as AI hallucination elimination. At the same time, while running parallel LLMs and provides APIs to communicate with applications that will provide OT data needed. Using Nokia Team Comms, workers will be able to query the assistant and it will send real-time contextual information to connected workers packaged into messages.

In addition, the solution will integrate AI auditing capabilities ensuring strict adherence to OT standards. Specifically, using real-time insights and automated, supported analytics capabilities to streamline workflows and avoid costly errors.

Leverages AI to Propel Digital Transformation

This new man-to/from-machine communication utilizing natural language processing can assist workers on factory floors. Moreover, it can receive real-time information about production status, volume and quality, and recommendations on how to improve these KPIs. Real-time data evaluation-based early warnings can serve preventive maintenance needs to avoid major machine failures. Thus minimizing downtime.

Continuous risk evaluation also ensures prompt delivery of relevant safety instructions to workers in case of emergency.

Reece Hayden, Senior Analyst, ABI Research, said: “Since 2023, the enterprise market has shown continued interest in generative AI adoption. Manufacturers are no different; many are looking to invest in solutions that reduce costs or unlock new revenue opportunities. However, strict operational technology (OT) requirements have, so far, slowed deployments on the production floor. Nokia MX Workmate is the first Gen AI solution designed for production floors that effectively addresses many of these challenges.

Stephan Litjens, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at Nokia, said: “AI is a key element of industrial transformation. MX Workmate leverages the combined benefits of our One platform for business-critical wireless connectivity with OT compliant on-prem compute edge for I4.0 applications and worker devices. MX Workmate Generative AI LLM capabilities will change the OT environment. (Thus), enabling industries to enhance their teams’ skills to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and fully integrate IT/OT operations. It is a great opportunity for enterprises eager to advance their digitalization strategy but face challenges due to the gap in workforce expertise.”