Rockwell Boosts Automation in Latest Firmware Updates

Rockwell Automation has made an update on its Allen-Bradley ArmorBlock 5000 IO-Link master blocks. Particularly, the company has enhanced the firmware and the add-on profile (AOP) update.

The newly added features, coupled with the On-Machine™ capability, provide a significant boost in functionality and performance. Specifically, for applications within demanding industrial environments. For that reason, manufacturers can further streamline operation processes and reduce deployment time.

New Capabilities

Industrial manufacturers can optimize their operations and reach higher levels of efficiency with the latest addition to the Allen‑Bradley® ArmorBlock 5000® I/O portfolio. Particularly, the highlights of the enhanced ArmorBlock 5000 are as follows:

  • Generic IO-Link profile allows compatibility with a wider range of IO-Link devices. Thus, enabling expanded machine capabilities for existing automation systems.
  • Process Data only mode further simplifies the IO-Link integration experience. That is, by transmitting data specified by the IO-Link device.
  • Automatic download of IODD files via the IO-Link device registration tool helps to simplify the workflow. This speeds up configuration and optimizing overall efficiency.
  • EDS file import/export functionality enables more efficient project deployment. Here, users can leverage the same EDS file across different machines.
  • Change type functionality allows the replacement of an IO-Link master block with a different power variant without device and software reconfiguration.

With these latest enhancements, manufacturers can benefit from increased flexibility, efficiency, and productivity in their automation processes. The improved ArmorBlock 5000 IO-Link master blocks will heighten the Premier Integration experience, which makes automating and maintaining the system easier than before.

Smarter Control of Processes

Built to withstand harsh environments, the I/O blocks can be mounted directly on a machine. Moreover, even without the need to be in a control cabinet, resulting in a decentralized design. With a high-performance zero cabinet architecture, manufacturers benefit from reduced wiring costs. Furthermore, they can also count on more efficient installation and maintenance and simplified machine design.

The configurable I/O blocks provide real-time monitoring and smarter control of processes through input timestamp, Sequence of Events (SOE), and scheduled output capabilities. In addition, the ability to synchronize input timestamp and output trigger with the system clock enables better machine precision. At the same time, improves troubleshooting, and enhances overall system reliability.

-3 April 2024-