Koh Young Taps New Tool to Transform Data to Action

True 3D inspection solutions provider Koh Young has tapped the Factory Insights offering of Cogiscan to reinforce its portfolio. Particularly, Koh Young said the Cogiscan software complements the unique needs of circuit board assembly and complex manufacturing ecosystems.

Cogiscan has built the new fully customizable factory data platform to meet the needs of the industry. Leveraging over 25 years of data expertise with an open architecture design to standardize, analyze, and transform manufacturing data into strategic action.

Factory Insights, the latest offering from Cogiscan, will be demonstrated alongside KSMART in Koh Young booth 2112 during IPC APEX Expo.

Seamless Operations

A customizable factory data platform designed for circuit board assembly and complex manufacturing is crucial for electronics manufacturers. Particularly, it optimizes efficiency, enables real-time monitoring, and facilitates data-driven decision-making. Most importantly, it ensures scalability and adaptability and supports quality assurance and compliance.  

Moreover, the platform also provides visibility into the supply chain. Overall, it empowers manufacturers to streamline operations, improve productivity, and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

For Koh Young users, Factory Insights allows them to easily collect, calculate, and visualize analytics data for other brands of machines in use on their floor. Additionally, the new software platform easily integrates with the KSMART software suite to help enrich production data across the entire operation.

From site-level Overall Equipment Effectiveness to machine drill downs, manufacturers can easily find trends and analyze consolidated real-time and historical data to improve operations.

Specifically for Koh Young, Factory Insights allows customers to gather and visualize analytics data from various equipment suppliers on the production line. With its fully customizable design, manufacturers have the flexibility to build specific KPI calculations. At the same time, create unique dashboards and seamlessly share calculated metrics with other machine platforms.

Constant Innovation

Established in 2002, Koh Young revolutionized the inspection market by launching the industry’s first 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) system. Particularly, it made use of a patented dual-projection Moiré technology.

Since then, it has become the global leader in 3D measurement-based SPI and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment for the electronics industry. Based on its True3D™ measurement-based inspection technology, Koh Young has developed innovative inspection solutions for challenges with machined parts, press-fit and through-hole pins.

Through its constant innovation, Koh Young has secured over 3,600 global customers. Moreover, it commands the dominant global market share position in the SPI and AOI markets with over 23,000 machine installations.

-3 April 2024-