Teledyne, Airy3D to Edge on More Reliable 3D Sensor

Teledyne e2v, a Teledyne Technologies, has entered a new technology and design collaboration with Airy3D. Accordingly, the first result of the partnership was Teledyne’s recently announced Topaz5D.

The low-cost, low power, passive, 2 megapixel global shutter sensor Topaz5D produces 2D images and 3D depth maps.

Key Milestones

Arnaud Foucher, Business Team Director at Teledyne e2v, said Airy3D’s technology provided a lift to the development of Topaz5D. In addition, Foucher said, “The need to deploy alternative 3D vision solutions in different industries is crucial. Teledyne e2v’s image sensor design capability coupled with Airy3D’s proven 3D technology has allowed us to develop more 3D vision products for several market segments with a reduced cost of ownership.”

On the other hand, Chris Barrett, CEO of Airy3D, said, “Airy3D uniquely combines our patented optically Transmissive Diffraction Mask (TDM) design and deep software processing know-how. Thus, enabling our partners to add value to their products.”

Furthermore, Barret noted Teledyne e2v’s image sensor design, production, and supply chain expertise have been paramount. Specifically, in introducing these novel 3D solutions to the market. Therefore, Barret said this initiative has been a key milestone for them.

Suits Wide Range of Applications

The full-HD CMOS image sensor can combine 2D vision with the generation of 3D depth maps. A single Topaz5D sensor used in challenging lighting conditions delivers 3D object visualization based on the contrast detected. Thus, making it ideal for various logistics applications, AR/VR headsets, access control devices, household vacuum robots, and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR).

Topaz5D combines a small 2.5 µm global shutter pixel with a post-processing diffraction layer to create angular sensitive pixels. Hence, enabling the generation of 3D angular signal raw data and then processed by a 5D compatible SDK. Moreover, Topaz5D is a 3D-enabled variant of Teledyne e2v’s popular Topaz 2M. This has been widely used in logistics/retail markets and smart factories.

-24 April 2024-