Festo, PLCnext to Bring Automation to a New Level

Automation company Festo will use PLCnext Technology, the open ecosystem for modern automation from Phoenix Contact, in future intelligent devices.

Accordingly, this will combine the innovative strengths of both companies. Thus, taking industrial automation to a new level. The new product generation will hit the market towards the end of the year.

Moreover, the integration of PLCnext Technology opens up a wide range of opportunities for Festo and its customers.

Reliable Solutions

Openness and flexibility

The open architecture nature of PLCnext Technology allows the development of individual solutions. Thus, allowing as well seamless integration with existing systems.

Therefore, Festo can offer customized automation solutions for specific customer requirements.

Utilization of synergies

The combination of know-how from the two companies enables profitable cooperation to be able to solve future technological challenges. Particularly, in the area of cybersecurity – in the best possible way.

Innovation and future viability

The combination of Festo’s expertise in automation and PLCnext Technology promises innovative solutions for Industry 4.0. By working together and pooling resources, it is possible to master the challenges of digital transformation.

Double the Innovation Power

The common goal of Festo and Phoenix Contact is to meet the requirements arising from the convergence of IT and OT. Specifically, through open automation solutions.

“In a rapidly changing world, it is becoming increasingly important to enter into partnerships and work together within the framework of open technology platforms. A paradigm shift is clearly noticeable. Together with Festo, we will continue to work on generating new solutions for our customers. Because sustainable innovation can only be achieved through close cooperation,” emphasizes Frank Stührenberg, CEO of Phoenix Contact.

Festo, a leading company in the industry, has opted for PLCnext Technology. Accordingly, Festo has been looking for a partner with an open-system approach for its future direction. Specifically, providing an appropriate operating system, developing it further, and launching it in the market.

Gerhard Borho, Chief Information Technology and Digitalization Officer at Festo said the openness of PLCnext Technology will provide benefits to its customers.

On the other hand, Ulrich Leidecker, COO and President of the Business Area Industry Management and Automation at Phoenix Contact, cited the advantages of PLCnext Technology. Particularly, Leidecker said the openness of PLCnext Technology opens up the possibility for numerous suppliers to offer flexible, safe, and modern automation.

“The technology partnership with Festo represents a milestone for the automation industry. Because the more partners there are in an open automation ecosystem, the more valuable it becomes for each participant,” said Leidecker.

The collaboration between Festo and Phoenix Contact is an important step for the future of the automation industry. Moreover, open thinking and bringing together of industry expertise sets the course for innovative solutions. Thus, driving a more sustainable world forward.

-25 April 2024-